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Developing a Digital Solution for Remote Assessment in Multiple Sclerosis: From Concept to Software as a Medical Device

Commentary: Remote assessments of gait and balance - Implications for research during and beyond Covid-19.

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Conformational Spin Switching and Spin-Selective Hydrogenation of a Magnetically Bistable Carbene.

Functionalized Graphene Oxide Bridging between Enzyme and Au-Sputtered Screen-Printed Interface for Glucose Detection

VeCHAT: a proof-of-concept study on screening and managing veterans.

Combined Reconstructive Surgery after Complex Hand Injuries: Clinical Case and Review of Literature

Selective Terminal Functionalization of Linear Alkanes

Secondary Phosphine Oxide-Activated Nickel Catalysts for Site-Selective Alkene Isomerization and Remote Hydrophosphination

Directing Coupled Motion with Light: A Key Step Toward Machine-Like Function.

γ-Selective C(sp3)–H amination via controlled migratory hydroamination

Palladium-catalyzed functionalizations of acidic and non-acidic C(sp3)-H bonds - recent advances.

Visible light photoredox-catalysed remote C-H functionalisation enabled by 1,5-hydrogen atom transfer (1,5-HAT).

Aglycon reactivity as a guiding principle in latent-active approach to chemical glycosylations.

Accelerating the insertion reactions of (NHC)Cu–H via remote ligand functionalization

Novel Strategies in C-H Oxidations for Natural Product Diversification—A Remote Functionalization Application Summary

Selective Synthesis of Z-Silyl Enol Ethers via Ni-Catalyzed Remote Functionalization of Ketones

Copper-catalyzed remote C(sp3)–H azidation and oxidative trifluoromethylation of benzohydrazides

Destroy the inherent symmetry of vanadium-based inorganic cluster through chiral organic ligand: Synthesis and characterization of a polyoxovanadate-derived amino acid ester hybrid

Palladium(0)/palladium(II) catalysed C(sp3)-H activation : from direct to remote functionalization

Remote control with engineered enzymes

Remote Functionalization of α,β-Unsaturated Carbonyls by Multimetallic Sequential Catalysis.

Palladium-catalyzed double-bond migration of unsaturated hydrocarbons accelerated by tantalum chloride.

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Remote Functional 원격 기능

Remote Functional 원격 기능
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