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[Determination of trace low molecular mass aldehydes in air by ultra-fast liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry].

One step assay of the four plant ingredients in Yangxue Anshen syrup by HPLC method

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[Molecular identification and alkaloids content of endangered Chinese medicinal plant Coptis chinensis var. brevisepala].

The Vitamin Model of well-being at work - an application in research in an automotive company.

Relationship Within sentence examples within Phylogenetic Relationship Within

Genetic identification of medicinally used Salacia species by nrDNA ITS sequences and a PCR-RFLP assay for authentication of Salacia-related health foods.

Pan-Genome Portrait of Bacillus mycoides Provides Insights into the Species Ecology and Evolution

Relationship Within sentence examples within Evolutionary Relationship Within

A Comprehensive Phylogenetic and Bioinformatics Survey of Lectins in the Fungal kingdom

Molecular and Phylogenetic Analysis of Family Aeshnidae of Hazara Region, Pakistan

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Relationship Within sentence examples within Function Relationship Within

Predictive engineering of class I terpene synthases using experimental and computational approaches.

Associations between the gut microbiome and metabolome in early life

Relationship Within sentence examples within Clonal Relationship Within

Clonal Relationship within Two Oral Actinomyces Populations Collected from Plaque of Periodontitis Patients

Carriage and colonization of C. difficile in preterm neonates: A longitudinal prospective study

Relationship Within sentence examples within Genetic Relationship Within

Genetic relationship among 12 Trapa species/varietas from Yangtze River Basin revealed by AFLP markers

Morphological, palynological and molecular assessment of Hemerocallis core collection

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Using Machine Learning Algorithms to Predict People’s Intention to Use Mobile Learning Platforms During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Machine Learning Approach

Predicting the intention to use mobile learning during Coronavirus Pandemic through Machine Learning Algorithms.

Relationship Within sentence examples within Romantic Relationship Within

Prevalence and Predictors of Cyber Psychological Abuse among Adults

School Violence towards Peers and Teen Dating Violence: The Mediating Role of Personal Distress

Relationship Within sentence examples within Student Relationship Within

Cross-Cultural Adaptation of the Turkish and Kuwaiti Teacher–Student Relationship Questionnaire in Physical Education (TSRQ- PE Teacher Version): Testing for Measurement Invariance

Objective Measures of Cognitive Load Using Deep Multi-Modal Learning

Relationship Within sentence examples within Therapeutic Relationship Within

Therapeutic relationship in speech-language pathology: a scoping review protocol.

Acceptance and commitment therapy and the therapeutic relationship: Rupture and repair.

Relationship Within sentence examples within Response Relationship Within

Joining the Dots: Linking Disconnected Networks of Evidence Using Dose-Response Model-Based Network Meta-Analysis

Factors Associated with Weight Loss Within a Blended Virtual and Face-to-Face MOVE!® Program: A Retrospective Study

Relationship Within sentence examples within Temporal Relationship Within

A new multi-process collaborative architecture for time series classification

Unsupervised Abnormal Sensor Signal Detection With Channelwise Reconstruction Errors

Relationship Within sentence examples within Social Relationship Within

The libraries in students’ and undergraduates’ educational reading

EFL Undergraduate Students’ Professional Identity Construction: A Sociocultural Perspective

Somebodies or nobody’s patient: The importance of social positioning and informal relations during childbirth in Serbia

A Coding Scheme for Studying Group Interactions in International Negotiations: A Methodological Advance on the IPA protocol

Tourism public-private partnership (PPP) projects: an exploratory-sequential approach

Investigation 15. A Paradigmatic Unit of Analysis

Complete chloroplast genome sequence of Procris crenata C.B.Rob (Urticaceae)

The Mediating Effect of Psychological Distress on the Association between BDNF, 5-HTTLPR, and Tinnitus Severity

Male and female witnesses of mobbing: Gender difference in experiencing consequences. A cross-sectional study in an italian sample

Collaborative Defence Procurement in a Post-Brexit World

The role of gender imbalance perceptions, risk preference, and age in the effect of mating motives on mating standards: A moderated mediation model

An Adaptive Weighted Threshold Image Restoration Method Based on Wavelet Domain

Museum as multisensorial site: story co-making and the affective interrelationship between museum visitors, heritage space, and digital storytelling

Gendered Migration, Gendered Morality: South Korean Men in Intimate Relationships with Filipinas in the Philippines

Sentidos de masculinidades dissidentes através do uso do emoji de berinjela no Grindr

Probing within the Bondi radius of the ultramassive black hole in NGC 1600

170-OR: Hypothalamic Gliosis Predicts Decline in Insulin Sensitivity over One Year in People with Obesity

Exploring the relationship between functional urban polycentricity and the regional characteristics of human mobility: A multi-view analysis in the Tokyo metropolitan area

Cross Interaction Network for Natural Language Guided Video Moment Retrieval

Sharing tacit knowledge in public sector :

A Grounded Theory Exploration of the Stages of Relationship Development in Marriages of Convenience in China.

Social value, infrastructure and stakeholder engagement: a complex triangle

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The analysis of selected physical and technological parameters of pork quality depending on intesity of the pigs growth in fattening

Terminology as a source of misunderstanding: English and Russian humour term systems

Invigorating Parent-Child Relationship and the Peculiarities in Each Philosophies

Root and canal specific features of maxillary first molars with fused roots

Safe haven in GFC versus COVID-19: 100 turbulent days in the financial markets

Analysing discursive communities and semantic networks on Twitter: an entropy-based approach

Chloroplast genome variation and phylogenetic relationships of Atractylodes species

Waldemar Cordeiro e a Arteônica

381 Evening Chronotype Predicts Subjective Sleep Symptom Severity in Pregnant Women with Insomnia Disorder

Female representation on the board of directors and accrual quality within the context of cultural dimensions and accounting values

From managing customers to joint venturing with customers: co-creating service value in the digital age

Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Drought Variability in Myanmar Based on the Standardized Precipitation Evapotranspiration Index (SPEI) and Its Impact on Crop Production

Determination of Positional Parameters of the Distal Phalanx Within the Hoof Capsule in Sound Colombian Paso Horses.


Ethical Behavioural Disclosure and Financial Performance of Listed Industrial Goods Firms in Nigeria

New insights into human occupation through rock art at Khatm al Melaha archaeological site (Sharjah, United Arab Emirates)

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