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Downregulation of SOX2-OT Prevents Hepatocellular Carcinoma Progression Through miR-143-3p/MSI2

SOX2 Regulates lncRNA CCAT1/MicroRNA-185-3p/FOXP3 Axis to Affect the Proliferation and Self-Renewal of Cervical Cancer Stem Cells

INPP4B exerts a dual function in the stemness of colorectal cancer stem-like cells through regulating Sox2 and Nanog expression.

Intracellular Notch1 Signaling in Cancer‐Associated Fibroblasts Dictates the Plasticity and Stemness of Melanoma Stem/Initiating Cells

MTA3-SOX2 Module Regulates Cancer Stemness and Contributes to Clinical Outcomes of Tongue Carcinoma

The FBXW2–MSX2–SOX2 axis regulates stem cell property and drug resistance of cancer cells

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Regulating Sox2 규제 Sox2

Regulating Sox2 규제 Sox2
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