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China-Bangladesh Relation: a Quest for Bangladesh’s Integrating into Sino-Myanmar Connectivity

Central Asia and the Silk Road Economic Belt


Малярия. Эпидемиологические особенности в Приморском крае

Striving for benefits of sustainability from the interactivity of quality and innovation

From Central Asia to the World: China’s Regional Diplomacy as a Precursor for Global Connectivity

Higher education regionalism in Asia: what implications for Europe?

Appreciative enquiry peer review improving quality of services.

La Alianza del Pacífico como elemento catalizador para la cooperación: una revisión desde la óptica del Sur Global (The Pacific Alliance as a Catalyst for Cooperation: A Review From the Perspective of the Global South)

Malaria resurgence after significant reduction by mass drug administration on Ngodhe Island, Kenya

Making Surgery Safer

First inter-laboratory comparison of Echinococcus granulosus sensu lato diagnosis in Latin America

Co-Creating a Community Roadmap for Interoperability

The Arab human rights system: achievements and challenges

Economía política y manufacturas: una perspectiva regional

A Comprehensive Security Regime in the Gulf Region: Prospects and Challenges

Dydaktyczne aspekty projektowania aplikacji w środowisku Unity 3D

Built Capital as a Catalyst for Community-Based Tourism

Legitimacy and Leadership in ASEAN and the EU: A Further Look at Acceptance and Recognition

India BIMSTEC Economic Cooperation: Potential and Prospects

Multiscale Based Characterization and Classification of Urban Land-Use

A novel initiative to counteract illegal dumping in rural areas of Valladolid Province (Spain)

From Counterbalancing to Engaging China: Shift in Japan’s Approach towards the New International Order in the Asia-Pacific under the Second Abe Administration

United States and the transpacific partnership agreement: an analysis of recent dynamics and possible implications for Brazil

The Roman Catholic Church’s Late Medieval Teaching on Eschatology as the Basis for Visual Catechesis

Россия, Китай и тихоокеанские страны Латинской Америки: возможности для многостороннего сотрудничества в АТР

International Experience in Socio-economic Assessment

Congenital Heart Disease in Low- and Lower-Middle–Income Countries: Current Status and New Opportunities

Planning, implementation and operation of a personalized patient management system for subjects with first suspect of cancer (OnkoNetwork): system description based on a qualitative study

Bat Research Networks and Viral Surveillance: Gaps and Opportunities in Western Asia

Regional migration governance – building block of global initiatives?

‘Development through connectivity’: India’s maritime narrative

Data interoperability for disaster risk reduction in Europe

Seafloor Mapping – The Challenge of a Truly Global Ocean Bathymetry

Arctic Ocean governance in light of an of an international legally binding instrument on the conservation and sustainable use of marine biodiversity of areas beyond national jurisdiction

The impact of nutrient loads on the Baltic Sea


Северное оборонное сотрудничество (НОРДЕФКО) – 10 лет спустя

How future frames materialize and consolidate: The energy transition in Denmark

De la globalización a la interconectividad: reconfiguración espacial en la iniciativa Belt & Road e implicaciones para el Sur Global

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Regional Initiative 지역 이니셔티브

Regional Initiative 지역 이니셔티브
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