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Progress of Self Help Group-Bank Linkage Programme in India

Spatial variability of agricultural development in West Bengal, India: a multivariate statistical approach

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Revealing the pattern and evolution of global green development between different income groups: A global meta-frontier by-production technology approach

Eco-Efficiency of Industrial Investment and Its Influencing Factors in China Based on a New SeUo-SBM-DEA Model and Tobit Regression

Regional Disparity sentence examples within Large Regional Disparity

Study on the Impact of Population Aging on Regional Economic Growth: A Case Study of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei

SDG 9: Case Study – Infrastructure Assessment for Sustainable Development

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How to Effectively Control Energy Consumption Growth in China’s 29 Provinces: A Paradigm of Multi-Regional Analysis Based on EAALMDI Method

Analysis of Regional Disparity Among Regencies/Cities and the Correlation with Economic Growth North Sumatera in 2010-2019

Literacy: Gateway to a World of Exploits

Impact of geography on prognostic outcomes of 21,509 patients with metastatic colorectal cancer enrolled in clinical trials: an ARCAD database analysis

Convergence across Subnational Regions of Bangladesh – What the Night Lights Data Say?

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Perfil das publicações da área de Ciência Biológicas e da Saúde em revistas brasileiras de extensão universitária

Human leukocyte antigen (HLA) A-C-B-DRB1-DQB1 haplotype segregation analysis among 2152 families in China and the comparison to expectation-maximization algorithm result

An open-source extendable model and corrective measure assessment of the 2021 texas power outage

Regional Differences in Admission Rates of Emergency Patients Who Visited a Private General Hospital in the Capital City of Cambodia: A Three-Year Observational Study.

Regional and gender-specific analyses give new perspectives for secular trend in hip fracture incidence

Trends, regional inequalities and determinants in the utilization of prenatal care and skilled birth attendant in Ethiopia: A multilevel analysis

Regional demography and social change in Tunisia in the early 20th century

Regional inequality in the Janani Suraksha Yojana coverage in India: a geo-spatial analysis

Comprehensive Evaluation of Land Use Benefit in the Yellow River Basin from 1995 to 2018

Tunisia Post Revolution: Confronting Social problems, Economic Challenges and Regional Disparity

The Toolbox for Recognizing the Groups of Ukraine’s Regions by Indicators of Disparities in their Social and Economic Development

Fossil-informed models reveal a Boreotropical origin and divergent evolutionary trajectories in the walnut family (Juglandaceae).

Biodiversity of Indian Rotifers (Rotifera) with remarks on biogeography and richness in diverse ecosystems

Current Awareness and Status of Venous Ultrasonography in Kumamoto Prefecture ― A Report of the Kumamoto Cardiovascular Echocardiography Standardization Project ―

Differences in treatment and survival between elderly patients with thoracic esophageal cancer in metropolitan areas and other areas

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Availability and Spatial Inequality of Rural Infrastructure in Jungle Mahal Blocks of Purulia District, India

An integrated analysis of spatial access to the three-tier healthcare delivery system in China: a case study of Hainan Island

Net Carbon Sequestration Performance of Cropland Use in China’s Principal Grain-Producing Area: An Evaluation and Spatiotemporal Divergence

Regional development planning and disparity in Bangladesh

The Regional Uneven Development and the State Intervention to Reshape the Spatial Hierarchy

Modelování struktur v regionální analýze – segment dat Covid 19

Déterminants Individuels Et Contextuels Du Paludisme Chez Les Enfants De 6-59 Mois En République Démocratique Du Congo

The future of coal supply in China based on non-fossil energy development and carbon price strategies

A Behavioural Investigation of the Easterlin Paradox in Housing Markets

Reexamining Spatiotemporal Disparities of Financial Development in China Based on Functional Data Analysis

Spatial and temporal heterogeneity of the impact of high-speed railway on urban economy: Empirical study of Chinese cities

The regional disparity of per-capita CO2 emissions in China’s building sector: An analysis of macroeconomic drivers and policy implications

Labour Productivity Dynamics in Indian Agriculture: 2000–2016

Seroprevalence of Cytomegalovirus and Associated Factors Among Preconception Women: A Cross-Sectional Nationwide Study in China

Regional distribution and dynamics of human capital in China 1985–2014


The impact of industrial structure efficiency on provincial industrial energy efficiency in China

Effects of urbanization on freight transport carbon emissions in China: Common characteristics and regional disparity

Will the Chinese economy be more volatile in the future? Insights from urban household survey data

Ownership Structure, Growth Differences and Regional Disparities: Mechanism V

Relationship Between the Degree of Internationalization and Performance in Manufacturing Enterprises of the Yangtze River Delta Region

Mapping foreign residents in Japan’s major cities

Regional trends in corneal transplantation from 2004 to 2015 in France: a 12-year review on indications, technique and waiting period

Factors affecting the choice of health care utilisation between private and public services among the elderly population in India

Upaya Penanggulangan Disparitas Wilayah Kabupaten Cianjur Ditinjau dari Aspek Ekonomi

Intraregional differences in renal function in the Northern Netherlands: The Lifelines Cohort Study

The Great Divide: Regional Inequality and Fiscal Policy

High Speed Rail and China’s New Economic Geography

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Enlightenment from Hyperglycemia and Adverse Pregnancy Outcome Follow-up Study on management of gestational diabetes mellitus

Cultural Globalization: A Critical Analysis of Identity Crises in the Developing Economies

Spatial and Temporal Variations of Embodied Carbon Emissions in China’s Infrastructure

Korean rheumatology workforce from 1992 to 2015: current status and future demand

Spatial Pattern of Educational Development at Block Level in Jalore District, Rajasthan

Epidemiology of drug-resistant tuberculosis in Chongqing, China: a retrospective observational study from 2010 to 2017

Epidemiology of drug-resistant tuberculosis in Chongqing, China: A retrospective observational study from 2010 to 2017

Ketimpangan, Pola Spasial, dan Kinerja Pembangunan Wilayah di Provinsi Jawa Timur

Social Equity in Japan

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Computing payments for wind erosion prevention service incorporating ecosystem services flow and regional disparity in Yanchi County.

A Task-Oriented English Education Platform Powered by ICT&AI

Dynamic Synthetic Biointerfaces: From Reversible Chemical Interactions to Tunable Biological Effects.

Problem Sosiologis Pendidikan Islam di Indonesia, Pakistan, Arab Saudi dan Beberapa Solusi

Marker tephra in Haukadalsvatn lake sediment: A key to the Holocene tephra stratigraphy of northwest Iceland