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Regional contributions to left ventricular stroke volume determined by cardiac magnetic resonance imaging in cardiac resynchronization therapy

Contributions of local and regional sources to PM2.5 and its health effects in north India

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Source attribution of black and Brown carbon near-UV light absorption in Beijing, China and the impact of regional air-mass transport.

Temporal variations, regional contribution, and cluster analyses of ozone and NOx in a middle eastern megacity during summertime over 2017–2019

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What Factors Drive Air Pollutants in China? An Analysis from the Perspective of Regional Difference Using a Combined Method of Production Decomposition Analysis and Logarithmic Mean Divisia Index

Decomposition Analysis of Factors that Drive the Changes of Major Air Pollutant Emissions in China at a Multi-Regional Level

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Data-based attribution of changes in flood quantiles across Europe between 1960 and 2010

Interannual variability and climatic sensitivity of global wildfire activity

Change and Variability in Antarctic Coastal Exposure, 1979-2020

Long-term trends in local and transported PM2.5 pollution in New York City

A future perspective of historical contributions to climate change

Deep Dichromatic Guided Learning for Illuminant Estimation

Concentrations, particle-size distributions, and dry deposition fluxes of aerosol trace elements over the Antarctic Peninsula in austral summer

Developments of the Perception of Climate Change and Abnormal Weather in Postwar Japan

A global observational analysis to understand changes in air quality during exceptionally low anthropogenic emission conditions.

Black carbon concentration in the central Himalayas: impact on glacier melt and potential source contribution

Atrioventricular plane displacement and regional contribution to stroke volume to predict outcome in pulmonary arterial hypertension

Impact of inter-annual meteorological variation from 2001 to 2015 on the contribution of regional transport to PM2.5 in Beijing, China

[Impacts of Anthropogenic Emission Reduction and Meteorological Conditions on PM2.5 Pollution in Typical Cities of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei in Winter].

Near-Source Risk Functions for Particulate Matter Are Critical When Assessing the Health Benefits of Local Abatement Strategies

2005–2018 trends in ozone peak concentrations and spatial contributions in the Guadalquivir Valley, southern Spain

Apolipoprotein L1 risk genotypes in Ghanaian patients with systemic lupus erythematosus: a prospective cohort study


Carbon Monitoring System Flux Net Biosphere Exchange 2020 (CMS-Flux NBE 2020)

Socio-economic impact of a 200 MW floating wind farm in Gran Canaria

The latin american Saint Elian wound score system (sewss) for the triage of the diabetic foot attack.

Food systems are responsible for a third of global anthropogenic GHG emissions

At the origins of Pompeii: the plant landscape of the Sarno River floodplain from the first millennium bc to the ad 79 eruption

Regional Development of E-Commerce Based on Big Data Evaluation Model


Source attribution of Particulate Matter for Berlin 2016-18, a study using the LOTOS-EUROS CTM

Regional tongue deformations during chewing and drinking in the pig

Measurement report: Fourteen months of real-time characterisation of the submicronic aerosol and its atmospheric dynamics at the Marseille–Longchamp supersite

Quantitative roles of ion channel dynamics on ventricular action potential

Black carbon concentration in the central Himalayas: Impact on glacier melt and potential source contribution.

Mapping the Victimological Landscape of the Balkans : A Regional Study on Victimology and Victim Protection with a Critical Analysis of Current Victim Policies

Using Optoelectronic Plethysmography to Objectively Characterise and Manage Breathing Patterns in Athletes With and Without Respiratory Disorders

Analysis of regional CO2 contributions at the high Alpine observatory Jungfraujoch by means of atmospheric transport simulations and δ13C

[Source Apportionment of Air Pollutants for a Typical Pollution Event in Zhaoqing].

Interannual variability of terrestrial net ecosystem productivity over China: regional contributions and climate attribution

Episode analysis of regional contributions to tropospheric ozone in Beijing using a regional air quality model

Dissolved organic carbon in summer precipitation and its wet deposition flux in the Mt. Yulong region, southeastern Tibetan Plateau

The characteristics and local-regional contributions of atmospheric black carbon over urban and suburban locations in Shanghai, China.

Simulation analysis of atmospheric SO2 contributions from different regions in China

Multi-Model Evaluation of Meteorological Drivers, Air Pollutants and Quantification of Emission Sources over the Upper Brahmaputra Basin

Quantification of primary and secondary sources to PM2.5 using an improved source regional apportionment method in an industrial city, China.

Automated versus manual imaging assessment of early ischemic changes in acute stroke: comparison of two software packages and expert consensus

Non-invasive myocardial performance mapping using 3D echocardiographic stress-strain loops.

Chemical composition of inorganic and organic species in snow/ice in the glaciers of western China.

Future Regional Contributions for Climate Change Mitigation: Insights from Energy Investment Gap and Policy Cost

Investigating the regional contributions to air pollution in Beijing: a dispersion modelling study using CO as a tracer

Decoding of single-trial EEG reveals unique states of functional brain connectivity that drive rapid speech categorization decisions.

Unsupervised decoding of single-trial EEG reveals unique states of functional brain connectivity that drive rapid speech categorization decisions

Impacts of land use change and elevated CO2 on the interannual variations and seasonal cycles of gross primary productivity in China

Identifying the gaps in project success research: A mixed bibliographic and bibliometric analysis

The relationship between Indian monsoon rainfall and low-pressure systems

Health risk associated with potential source regions of PM2.5 in Indian cities

Industry-Education Integration Mechanism About Electronic Engineering Talents Training System in Industry-Oriented Local Universities Under the Background of New Subjects

Source apportionment and regional transport of anthropogenic secondary organic aerosol during winter pollution periods in the Yangtze River Delta, China.

Measurement-based assessment of the regional contribution and drivers of reduction in annual and daily fine particulate matter impact metrics in Paris, France (2009–2018)

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Regional Contribution 지역 공헌

Regional Contribution 지역 공헌
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