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The Military-Urban Nexus: the political-economy of real-estate, development, and the military in Beer-Sheva metropolis

Cross-collection Linking of Botanical Imagery in Ghent Altarpiece to Learn More about Van Eyck’s Masterpiece and to Explore a Region’s Plant Richness and Diversity over Time

On The Issue Of The Name And Renaming Of The Far East

Impact of South Asian brick kiln emission mitigation strategies on select pollutants and near-term Arctic temperature responses

Quantification of Blue Carbon in Salt Marshes of the Pacific Coast of Canada

Role of Regional Ocean Dynamics in Dynamic Sea Level Projections by the end of the 21st Century over Southeast Asia

Our Environmental Value Orientations Influence How We Respond to Climate Change

Economic impact of skilled labor mobility within the ASEAN Economic Community

The Effect of Climate Change and the Snail-Schistosome Cycle in Transmission and Bio-Control of Schistosomiasis in Sub-Saharan Africa

Identifying indicators of aesthetics in the Great Barrier Reef for the purposes of management

A new late Pleistocene ichnological site with mammal footprints from Brazil

Geochemical evidence for thin syn-collision crust and major crustal thickening between 45 and 32 Ma at the southern margin of Tibet

Thermal modelling of selective beam melting processes using heterogeneous time step sizes

Decline of an ecotone forest: 50 years of demography in the southern boreal forest

A 16,000-yr-long sedimentary sequence from Lakes Peters and Schrader (Neruokpuk Lakes), northeastern Brooks Range, Alaska

Armed Conflict and Food Security in West Africa: Socioeconomic Perspective

South East Europe electricity roadmap – modelling energy transition in the electricity sectors

The echiuran fauna of southern Africa (Class: Echiura, Phylum: Annelida)

Public Understanding on Geoconservation Strategies at the Passagem das Pedras Geosite, Paraíba (Brazil): Contribution to the Rio do Peixe Geopark Proposal

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Region Current 지역 현재

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