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Asymmetric creep modeling of common refractory ceramics with high temperature wedge splitting test

Combined damaged elasticity and creep modeling of ceramics with wedge splitting tests

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Influence of Fly Ash on Corrosion Resistance of Refractory Forsterite-Spinel Ceramics

Thermal and Thermomechanical Properties of Refractory Forsterite-Spinel Ceramics

High-temperature digital image correlation techniques for full-field strain and crack length measurement on ceramics at 1200°C: Optimization of speckle pattern and uncertainty assessment


High Temperature Corrosion Stability of Ceramic Materials for Magnetohydrodynamic Generators

Hollow-grained “Voronoi foam” ceramics with high strength and thermal superinsulation up to 1400 °C

Millisecond photonic sintering of iron oxide doped alumina ceramic coatings

Flash Spark Plasma Sintering of 3YSZ: Modified Sintering Pathway and Impact on Grain Boundary Formation

Increase of the mechanical response of pure aluminum by grain refinement retained with an alternative rapid sintering route

Geopolymer for use in heavy metals adsorption, and advanced oxidative processes: A critical review

Recycling of Ceramic Wastes for the Production of High Performance Mullite Refractories

High-Temperature Mineral Phases Generated in Natural Clinkers by Spontaneous Combustion of Coal

Temperature Diffusivity Measurement and Nondestructive Testing Requiring No Extensive Sample Preparation and Using Stepwise Point Heating and IR Thermography

Relationship between mechanical properties and microstructure of yttria stabilized zirconia ceramics densified by spark plasma sintering

Inhibiting the sp2 carbon deposition by adjunction of sulphurous species in refractory ceramics subjected to CO and H2 reducing atmosphere

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