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The Effect of Nano-Alumina Particles Generated in Situ in the Matrix of Ultralow and No Cement 85 wt% Al 2 O 3 Refractory Castables

Microstructural and mechanical investigation of high alumina refractory castables containing nano-titania

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Synthesis of in-situ high-content carbon-containing calcium aluminate cement and its effect on the properties of Al2O3-SiC-C castables

Effect of reclaimed bauxite on andalusite-based refractory castables for tundish applications

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Partial replacement of a traditional raw material by blast furnace slag in developing a sustainable conventional refractory castable of improved physical-mechanical properties

Effect of Hollow Corundum Microspheres Additive on Physical and Mechanical Properties and Thermal Shock Resistance Behavior of Bauxite Based Refractory Castable

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On the effect of sintering temperature on the fracture energy of an Alumina-Mullite-Zirconia castable at 600 °C

Evaluation of the combined addition of aluminum lactate and calcium carbonate to alumina-based castables

The Effect of Chelate Compounds on the Hydration Process of MgO–Al2O3 Phase System under Hydrothermal Conditions

Mechanical properties of refractory castables bonded with hydratable magnesium carboxylate-boric acid

Main trends on the simulation of the drying of refractory castables - Review

Direct comparison of multi and single-phase models depicting the drying process of refractory castables

On the benefits of correcting brightness and contrast in global digital image correlation: Monitoring cracks during curing and drying of a refractory castable

Nanotechnology in castable refractory

Effect of micro-spinel powders addition on the microstructure and properties of alumina refractory castables

Corrosion of alumina-magnesia castable by high manganese steel with respect to steel cleanness

Drying behavior optimization of dense refractory castables by adding a permeability enhancing active compound

Reasons for crack propagation and strength loss in refractory castables based on changes in their chemical compositions and micromorphologies with heating: special focus on the large blocks

Effectiveness of acoustic emission parameters to monitor the crack formation in refractories – Case study on castables of different brittleness

Nanotechnologie in feuerfesten Gießmassen: Ein Überblick

Molten salt synthesis and characterization of SiC whiskers containing coating on graphite for application in Al2O3-SiC-C castables

Binding additives with sintering action for high-alumina based castables

The influence of surface-modified graphites on the rheological pattern of alumina-carbon cementitious refractory castable matrix

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Refractory Castable 내화 캐스터블

Refractory Castable 내화 캐스터블
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