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Redundant Manipulator sentence examples within cable driven hyper

Design and validation of cable-driven hyper-redundant manipulator with a closed-loop puller-follower controller

Manipulability Analysis for Cable-Driven Hyper-Redundant Manipulators

Redundant Manipulator sentence examples within minimally invasive surgery

Design and Analysis of High-Stiffness Hyperredundant Manipulator With Sigma-Shaped Wire Path and Rolling Joints

Cable-movable rolling joint to expand workspace under high external load in a hyper-redundant manipulator

Redundant Manipulator sentence examples within Serial Redundant Manipulator

On the Effect of the End-effector Point Trajectory on the Joint Jerk of the Redundant Manipulators

A Workspace-Analysis-Based Genetic Algorithm for Solving Inverse Kinematics of a Multi-Fingered Anthropomorphic Hand

Redundant Manipulator sentence examples within Multiple Redundant Manipulator

Solving the Inverse Kinematics Problem of Multiple Redundant Manipulators with Collision Avoidance in Dynamic Environments

Distributed optimization for the multi-robot system using a neurodynamic approach

Redundant Manipulator sentence examples within Freedom Redundant Manipulator

Precise semi-analytical inverse kinematic solution for 7-DOF offset manipulator with arm angle optimization

A New Analytical Inverse Kinematics Model for Seven Degrees of Freedom Redundant Manipulators

Redundant Manipulator sentence examples within Two Redundant Manipulator

Explicit Linear Left-and-Right 5-Step Formulas With Zeroing Neural Network for Time-Varying Applications.

A cooperative optimization strategy for distributed multi-robot manipulation with obstacle avoidance and internal performance maximization

Redundant Manipulator sentence examples within Dof Redundant Manipulator

Design and validation of a dynamic parameter identification model for industrial manipulator robots

Design and Control of a Highly Redundant Rigid-Flexible Coupling Robot to Assist the COVID-19 Oropharyngeal-Swab Sampling

Redundant Manipulator sentence examples within Kinematically Redundant Manipulator

Wrench Capabilities of a Kinematically Redundant Planar Parallel Manipulator


Redundant Manipulator sentence examples within redundant manipulator system

Fuzzy adaptive PID fast terminal sliding mode controller for a redundant manipulator

Distributed optimization for the multi-robot system using a neurodynamic approach

An Overall Configuration Planning Method of Continuum Hyper-Redundant Manipulators Based on Improved Artificial Potential Field Method

Joint space redundancy resolution of serial link manipulator: An inverse kinematics and continuum structure numerical approach

Velocity and acceleration level inverse kinematic calculation alternatives for redundant manipulators

Voice Recognition and Inverse Kinematics Control for a Redundant Manipulator Based on a Multilayer Artificial Intelligence Network

On a Finitely Activated Terminal RNN Approach to Time-Variant Problem Solving.

Design of a planar hyper-redundant lockable mechanism for shape morphing using a centralized actuation method

Cartesian Inertia Optimization via Redundancy Resolution for Physical Human-Robot Interaction

T-IK: An Efficient Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithm for Analytical Inverse Kinematics of Redundant Manipulator

Evaluating the Maximum Directional Kinematic Capability of a Redundant Manipulator Based on Allowable Velocity and Force

Trajectory Planning for Hyper-Redundant Manipulators Based on Lie Theory

A Motion Planning Algorithm for Redundant Manipulators Using Rapidly Exploring Randomized Trees and Artificial Potential Fields

A Collision-Free Fast Planning Algorithm for Snake-Like Redundant Manipulators via Reinforcement Learning

Kinematics Modeling and Motion Planning of Tendon Driven Continuum Manipulators

Inverse-Free Discrete ZNN Models Solving for Future Matrix Pseudoinverse via Combination of Extrapolation and ZeaD Formulas

Motion Planning and Control of Redundant Manipulators for Dynamical Obstacle Avoidance

End-Effector Pose Estimation in Complex Environments Using Complementary Enhancement and Adaptive Fusion of Multisensor

Predefined-Time Robust Hierarchical Inverse Dynamics on Torque-Controlled Redundant Manipulators

Geometry-aware manipulability learning, tracking, and transfer

Motion Planning and Control of Redundant Manipulators for Dynamical Obstacle Avoidance

A novel algorithm by combining nonlinear workspace partition with neural networks for solving the inverse kinematics problem of redundant manipulators

Optimal Object Placement for Minimum Discontinuity Non-revisiting Coverage Task

A Circadian Rhythms Neural Network for Solving Redundant Robot Manipulators Tracking Problem Perturbed by Periodic Noise

Finite-Horizon Kinetic Energy Optimization of a Redundant Space Manipulator

Research on trajectory planning of dual-arm cooperative robot

A Data-Driven Cyclic-Motion Generation Scheme for Kinematic Control of Redundant Manipulators

Inverse kinematics of redundant manipulators with guaranteed performance

Collision-free kinematics for hyper-redundant manipulators in dynamic scenes using optimal velocity obstacles

Model-Predictive-Control-Based Time-Optimal Trajectory Planning of the Distributed Actuation Mechanism Augmented by the Maximum Performance Evaluation

An improved parameter identification method of redundant manipulator

Feasible Arm Configurations and its Application for Human-Like Motion Control of S-R-S-Redundant Manipulators with Multiple Constraints

Modified Configuration Control With Potential Field for Inverse Kinematic Solution of Redundant Manipulator

End-effector pose and arm-shape synchronous planning methods of a hyper-redundant manipulator for spacecraft repairing

Emerging behaviours from cyclical, incremental and uniform movements of hyper-redundant and growing robots

A Finite-Time Convergent Neural Network for Solving Time-Varying Linear Equations with Inequality Constraints Applied to Redundant Manipulator

Cyclic Path Planning of Hyper-redundant Manipulator using Whale Optimization Algorithm

Zero-Potential-Energy Motions due to Stiffness in Impedance Control of Robotic Tasks: an Innovative Theory and Experimental Study

RNN for Receding Horizon Control of Redundant Robot Manipulators

A Novel Path Planning Algorithm Considering the Maximum Deflection Angle of Joint

Miniaturized Untethered Soft Robots Using Hydrogel-based Soft Voxel Actuators*

Equivalent kinematics and pose-configuration planning of segmented hyper-redundant space manipulators

Novel Joint-Drift-Free Scheme at Acceleration Level for Robotic Redundancy Resolution With Tracking Error Theoretically Eliminated

A real-time inverse kinematics solution based on joint perturbation for redundant manipulators

Obstacle avoidance of 7-DOF Redundant Manipulators

Dynamic Obstacle Avoidance Planning for Manipulators of Home

Performance Analysis and Comparison of Three Planar Parallel Manipulators

A Biomimetic Planning Control Method to anthropomorphize a 7-DOF Redundant Manipulator in Unstructured Environments

A Study on the Optimized Solution of Redundant Manipulators Using Improved General-Weighted Least-Norm Method

Joint Transitions for the Remote Center of Motion Constraint: Demonstration on a Redundant Manipulator

Kinematics Solution and Workspace Analysis of a Seven (DOF) Redundant Manipulator

Collision Avoidance for Redundant Robots in Position-Based Visual Servoing

Simultaneous Planning Method Considering Both Overall Configuration and End Pose for Hyper-Redundant Manipulators

Dynamic neural networks based adaptive admittance control for redundant manipulators with model uncertainties

Using Bacteria Foraging Optimization in Gesture Reconfiguration from Joint Failure for Semi-Humanoid Robot

A constrained control-planning strategy for redundant manipulators

Predictive Inverse Kinematics for Redundant Manipulators With Task Scaling and Kinematic Constraints

A novel algorithm combined with single mapping workspace and Genetic Algorithm for solving inverse kinematic problem of redundant manipulators

A Comparison of Visual Servoing from Features Velocity and Acceleration Interaction Models

Velocity-Level Tri-Criteria Optimization Scheme for Different Complex Path Tracking of Redundant Manipulators

Collision-Free Compliance Control for Redundant Manipulators: An Optimization Case

CAM-ADX: A New Genetic Algorithm with Increased Intensification and Diversification for Design Optimization Problems with Real Variables

An Approach to the Dynamics and Control of Uncertain Robot Manipulators

Performance Analysis and Optimum Design of a Redundant Planar Parallel Manipulator

A Repeatable Motion Scheme for Kinematic Control of Redundant Manipulators

Joint Angle Variation in Intentional Sit-to-Stand Transitions

Acceleration-Level Multi-Criteria Optimization for Remedying Joint-Angle Drift of Redundant Manipulators on Complex Path Tracking

Design and Motion Planning of a Biped Climbing Robot with Redundant Manipulator

Reachable workspace determination for a spatial hyper-redundant manipulator formed by several parallel manipulators

Topological Analysis of Global Inverse Kinematic Solutions for Redundant Manipulators

A sampling-based optimized algorithm for task-constrained motion planning

A Novel Obstacle Collision Avoidance Strategy for Redundant Manipulator using Swivel Motion Control

Recurrent-Neural-Network-Based Velocity-Level Redundancy Resolution for Manipulators Subject to a Joint Acceleration Limit

Neural network-based construction of inverse kinematics model for serial redundant manipulators

Computing Robust Inverse Kinematics Under Uncertainty

CMAC-Adaptive Force-Position Control of a Flexible-Joint Robot

A Kinematic Equivalence Trajectory Planning Method of Hybrid Active and Passive Cable-Driven Segmented Hyper-Redundant Manipulator*

A Repeatable Optimization for Kinematic Energy System with Its Mobile Manipulator Application

Path Planning of Redundant Series Manipulators Based on Improved RRT Algorithms

Hierarchical optimization for Whole-Body Control of Wheeled Inverted Pendulum Humanoids

Geometric Search-Based Inverse Kinematics of 7-DoF Redundant Manipulator with Multiple Joint Offsets

Adaptive Whole-Arm Grasping Approach of Tumbling Space Debris by Two Coordinated Hyper-redundant Manipulators

A Model-Based Recurrent Neural Network With Randomness for Efficient Control With Applications

Recurrent Neural Network for Kinematic Control of Redundant Manipulators With Periodic Input Disturbance and Physical Constraints

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