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What is a ‘return to work’ following traumatic brain injury? Analysis of work outcomes 12 months post TBI

Do esophageal cancer survivors work after esophagectomy and do health problems impact their work? A cross-sectional study

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The impact of a Canadian external Employee Assistance Program on mental health and workplace functioning: Findings from a prospective quasi-experimental study

Linearization of thermoacoustic loudspeakers by adaptive predistortion

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Disrupted serial dependence suggests deficits in synaptic potentiation in anti-NMDAR encephalitis and schizophrenia

Regional myocardial work by cardiac magnetic resonance and non-invasive left ventricular pressure: a feasibility study in left bundle branch block.

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Optimum rice husk ash content and bacterial concentration in self-compacting concrete

The influence of task complexity and information value on feedback processing in younger and older adults: no evidence for a positivity bias during feedback-induced learning in older adults

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Chronic kidney disease and aging differentially diminish bone material and microarchitecture in C57Bl/6 mice.

Employment in Patients With Renal Replacement Therapy

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A low cost and efficient participatory ergonomic intervention to reduce the burden of work-related musculoskeletal diseases in an industrially developing country: an experience report.

Temporal features of sitting, standing and stepping changes in a cluster-randomised controlled trial of a workplace sitting-reduction intervention

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Ge-doped ZnO nanowire arrays as cold field emitters with excellent performance.

Ge-doped ZnO nanowire arrays as cold field Emitters with excellent performance.

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Erholungsbeeinträchtigungen bei Beschäftigten

Self-certification versus physician certification of sick leave for reducing sickness absence and associated costs.

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Enhanced performance and stability of p–i–n perovskite solar cells by utilizing an AIE-active cathode interlayer

Carbon nanotubes in situ embedded with NiS nanocrystals outperform Pt in dye-sensitized solar cells: interface improved activity

Reduced Work sentence examples within reduced work capacity

Impacts of Climate Change on Outdoor Workers and Their Safety: Some Research Priorities

Human Hookworm Infection: Is Effective Control Possible? A Review of Hookworm Control Efforts and Future Directions.

Reduced Work sentence examples within reduced work hour

Invited Commentary on “The Role of Anxiety in Simulation-Based Dexterity and Overall Performance: Does It Really Matter?”

Variation in the methodological approach to productivity cost valuation: the case of prostate cancer

Reduced Work sentence examples within reduced work performance

Activity Impairment and Work Productivity Loss After Total Knee Arthroplasty: A Prospective Study.

Fatigue-related risk perception among emergency physicians working extended shifts.

Reduced Work sentence examples within reduced work productivity

Delayed Realization of Enhanced Caregiver Burden in Gastroparesis Patients

Fatigue Analysis Section Employee Branch Production Line F3 Cold in PT. Asahimas Flat Glass, Tbk Jakarta

Reduced Work sentence examples within reduced work engagement

Relationships between effort-reward imbalance and work engagement in police officers: taking a salutogenic perspective

Negative work reflection, personal resources, and work engagement: the moderating role of perceived organizational support

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Biomechanical Analysis of Accurately and Carefully Placing an Aerospace Avionics Box in Restricted Space

Exploiting null space potentials to control arm robots compliantly performing nonlinear tactile tasks

Reduced Work sentence examples within reduced work speed

Strip Snap Analytics in Cold Rolling Process Using Machine Learning

Characterizing Strip Snap in Cold Rolling Process Using Advanced Data Analytics

Positive and negative work events attributed to the spine 2 years after lumbar surgery among patients working preoperatively.


Eye Tracking Area of Interest in the Context of Working Memory Capacity Tasks

Reduced hippocampal subfield volumes and memory function in school-aged children born preterm with very low birthweight (VLBW)

Coping with stressful situations in social work before and after reduced working hours, a mixed-methods study

Work-home balance in two cohorts of Norwegian doctors.

Assessment of implementation of lean manufacturing in manufacturing unit - a case study

The propensity to perceive meaningful coincidences is associated with increased posterior alpha power during retention of information in a modified Sternberg paradigm

Inequality in income change among cancer survivors five years after diagnosis: Evidence from a French national survey

Examining Training Comprehension and External Cognition in Evaluations of Uncertainty Visualizations to Support Decision Making

Incorporación masiva de la mujer al mundo laboral, factor determinante en las políticas de armonización Trabajo - Familia

Developmental network structure and support: gendered consequences for work–family strain and work–parenting strain in the Australian mining industry

Factors influencing the practice of new graduate nurses: A focused ethnography of acute care settings.

Response to the article “Informal caregivers in stroke: Life impact, support, and psychological well-being—A Swedish Stroke Register (Riksstroke) study”

Productivity Improvement Through Time Study Approach: A Case Study from an Apparel Manufacturing Industry of Pakistan

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Loss to five-year follow-up in the Telemark study

More Reduced Work 작업 감소 sentence examples

The Relative Contributions of Cell-Dependent Cortical Microcircuit Aging to Cognition and Anxiety

Investigation of Human-Service Robot Division and Interaction for Catering Services

Occupation as a Proxy for Job Exposures? Routine Data Analysis Using the Example of Rehabilitation.

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Reinforcement Learning based scheduling in a workflow management system

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Lateral-Torsional Buckling Resistance of Crane Runway Girders

Achieving comprehensive remission or low disease activity in rheumatoid patients and its impact on workability – Saudi Rheumatoid Arthritis Registry

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Fracture Resistance of Various Bulk-fill Composite Resins in Class II MOD Cavity on Premolars: An In Vitro Study

Fresh and hardened properties of one-part fly ash-based geopolymer binders cured at room temperature: Effect of slag and alkali activators

Cognitive flexibility: A distinct element of performance impairment due to sleep deprivation.

Reply to: Wanted: Automated objective proficiency assessment metrics for the FAST exam (and other POCUS studies)

Association of Unemployment and Informal Care with Stigma in Multiple Sclerosis: Evidence from the Survey on Living with Neurological Conditions in Canada.

Reduced Work 작업 감소

Reduced Work 작업 감소
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