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Revisiting stepwise ocean oxygenation with authigenic barium enrichments in marine mudrocks

Guadalupian (Middle Permian) ocean redox evolution in South China and its implications for mass extinction

Interaction of Corroding Iron with Eight Bentonites in the Alternative Buffer Materials Field Experiment (ABM2)

Redox control on the tungsten isotope composition of seawater

Intense biogeochemical iron cycling revealed in Neoarchean micropyrites from stromatolites

Nitrogen isotope evidence for stepwise oxygenation of the ocean during the Great Oxidation Event.

A nephelinitic component with unusual δ56Fe in Cenozoic basalts from eastern China and its implications for deep oxygen cycle

Structurally bound S2−, S1−, S4+, S6+ in terrestrial apatite: The redox evolution of hydrothermal fluids at the Phillips mine, New York, USA

Climate control on banded iron formations linked to orbital eccentricity

Shallow-marine ironstones formed by microaerophilic iron-oxidizing bacteria in terminal Paleoproterozoic

Deep magma ocean formation set the oxidation state of Earth’s mantle

Cr isotope systematics in the Connecticut River estuary

Carbon isotopic signatures of super-deep diamonds mediated by iron redox chemistry

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Redox Evolution 산화 환원 진화

Redox Evolution 산화 환원 진화
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