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Eleanor Margaret Burbidge. 12 August 1919—5 April 2020

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Sergei V. Bakhrushin at the Institute of Red Professors: Lectures on the History of the Indigenous Peoples of Siberia (1936)

The Issue of Personnel Logistics in the Institute of Red Professors in the 1920s

From a Farmhand to the Head of an Institute: Life of the Historian Otto Augustovich Lidak

What Got You Here, Won’t Help You There: Changing Requirements in the Pre- Versus the Post-tenure Career Stage in Academia

Students’ Preferred Professors: The Human and Educational Aspects

BioTM Buzz (Volume 4, Issue 1)

Do Professors Better Maintain Cognitive Functioning in Older Age?

Exploring professors’ experiences supporting graduate student well-being in Ontario faculties of education

Eufemiusz J. Herman (1892–1985)

Diferenças na produção, no compartilhamento e no (re)uso de dados de pesquisa: a percepção de pesquisadores de Química, Antropologia e Educação

The right decisions need the right voices

Examination of correlates of H-index as a measure of research productivity for library and information science faculty in the United States and Canada

Breaking the Golden Handcuffs: Recreating Markets for Tenured Faculty

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Red Professors 레드 교수

Red Professors 레드 교수
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