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Data-Driven Analyses of Low Salinity Waterflooding in Carbonates

The Effect of Carbonyl and Hydroxyl Compounds on Swelling Factor, Interfacial Tension, and Viscosity in CO2 Injection: A Case Study on Aromatic Oils

Comprehensive Modeling in Predicting Biodiesel Density Using Gaussian Process Regression Approach

Experimental Study of Microgel Conformance-Control Treatment for a Polymer-Flooding Reservoir Containing Superpermeable Channels

Low-salinity carbonated water injection in sandstone reservoirs: interplay between oil recovery improvement, salinity and fines migration

Geochemical simulation of wettability alteration and effluent ionic analysis during smart water flooding in carbonate rocks: Insights into the mechanisms and their contributions

An efficient methodology for multi-objective optimization of water alternating CO2 EOR process

Artificial Lift and Mobility Enhancement of Heavy Oil Reservoirs Utilizing a Renewable Energy-Powered Heating Element


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Recovery Improvement 회복 개선

Recovery Improvement 회복 개선
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