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Understanding Consumers’ Post-Adoption Behavior in Sharing Economy Services

Discovering the importance of halal tourism for Indonesian Muslim travelers: perceptions and behaviors when traveling to a non-Muslim destination

Effect of Healthcare Quality on Recommended Intention in Vietnam A Hospital : Focusing on Customer Satisfaction Mediated Effects

A Study on the Relationship between Consumer Perception and Behavior Intention for Instagram Hair Beauty Contents

The Effect of IMC of Golf Product Exhibitions on Customer Behavior and Recommendation Intention

Employees as reputation advocates: Dimensions of employee job satisfaction explaining employees’ recommendation intention

The Impact of Perceived Hapkido Service Quality on Exercise Continuation and Recommendation Intentions, with a Focus on Korean Middle and High School Students

The application of information values and construal level theory for examining low cost carrier advertisements

Personal growth leisure experience in Templestay: International tourist outcomes, satisfaction, and recommendation

Does the “Like” Habit of Social Networking Services Lower the Psychological Barriers to Recommendation Intention in Surveys?

Distressed and distracted by COVID-19 during high-stakes virtual interviews: The role of job interview anxiety on performance and reactions.

Understanding influencer marketing: The role of congruence between influencers, products and consumers

EXPRESS: How Political Identity Shapes Customer Satisfaction

Trust building in mobile money and its outcomes

The Impact of Perceived Hapkido Service Quality on Exercise Continuation and Recommendation Intentions, with a Focus on Korean Middle and High School Students

Effects of Employee Sickness Presence on Customer Repurchase and Recommendation Intentions: The Role of Customer Affective Reactions

The value of visual quality and service quality to augmented reality enabled mobile shopping experience

Patient satisfaction and recommendation intention at spine and joint hospital

An Effect Of Management Service Quality On Residential Satisfaction And Recommended Intention Of High-Rise Apartments

Analysis of antecedents and consequences of memorable tourist experiences (MTEs): A Spanish case study

The role of value and trust in shaping recommendation intentions: Evidence from travel app users

The Impact of Millennium Floods on Vacation Decisions in a Coastal Tourism Destination: The Case of South Carolina, Usa

Triggers of traveler willingness to use and recommend eco-friendly airplanes

Reconsidering the “what is beautiful is good” effect: When and how design aesthetics affect intentions towards mobile banking applications

The Symbolic Consumption of Cultural Quarters

Chatbot advertising effectiveness: When does the message get through?

The key antecedent and consequences of destination image in a mega sporting event

Antecedents of loyalty intentions among young adult tourists: a survey

Consumer Survey of Calcium Fortified Biscuits Depending on the Differentiated Whole Grain Ratio


Influence of Offline Activities and Customer Value Creation on Online Travel Community Continuance Usage Intention

The relevance of socially responsible blue-collar human resource management: An experimental investigation in a Chinese factory

The Impact of Branding on Tourists’ Satisfaction and Loyalty in Iran


The Effects of Positive and Negative Emotions During Online Shopping Episodes on Consumer Satisfaction, Repurchase Intention, and Recommendation Intention

Understanding Users’ Experiences of Riding a Two-Wheeler Vehicle and their Intentions of Purchasing Electric Two-Wheelers

The influence of enterprise microblogging on consumer loyalty

Influence of Showroom Visit Experience on Recommendation Intention in the Japanese Automotive Industry

The Impact of the Destination Image of Greece on Tourists’ Behavioral Intentions

Corrida de São João de Braga: qualidade de serviços e intenções de recomendação dos participantes

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Recommendation Intention 추천 의도

Recommendation Intention 추천 의도
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