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Flipping the Script: Measuring Both Performance Validity and Cognitive Ability with the Forced Choice Recognition Trial of the RCFT

This will only take a minute: Time cutoffs are superior to accuracy cutoffs on the forced choice recognition trial of the Hopkins Verbal Learning Test - Revised.

Standardization and normative data for a new test of visual long-term recognition memory

Behavioral effect of mismatch negativity neurofeedback on foreign language learning

Cross-validation of a forced-choice validity indicator to enhance the clinical utility of the Rey Auditory Verbal Learning Test.

The Rey 15-Item Memory Test in US veterans

Bias effects in a two-stage recognition paradigm: A challenge for ‘pure’ threshold and signal detection models

Visuoperceptual Impairment in Children with NF1: From Early Visual Processing to Procedural Strategies

Perceptual Learning of Visual Span Improves Chinese Reading Speed.

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Recognition Trial 인정시험

Recognition Trial 인정시험
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