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Recipient Vessels sentence examples within free flap transfer

The use of the distal posterior radial collateral artery as recipient vessel in elbow resurfacing using SCIP flap

Omental flap for treatment of spondylodiscitis with lumbosacral dehiscence: A case report.

Recipient Vessels sentence examples within deep inferior epigastric

Necrosis or Flap Loss After Deep Inferior Epigastric Perforator Reconstruction: Impact of Perforators and Recipient Vessels

Reconstruction of Intrapelvic Defects Using the Free Anterolateral Thigh Flap

Recipient Vessels sentence examples within autologous breast reconstruction

Internal mammary node positivity and autologous mastectomy reconstruction: Implications for breast cancer treatment and aesthetic outcome

Expanding the use of internal mammary artery perforators as a recipient vessel in free tissue transfer: An anatomical analysis by computed tomography angiography in breast cancer patients

Recipient Vessels sentence examples within internal mammary artery

A free intercostal artery perforator flap as a salvage operation for a planned lumbar artery perforator flap with aberrant anatomy in breast reconstruction: A case report.

Risk of Pneumothorax With Internal Mammary Vessel Utilization in Autologous Breast Reconstruction.

Recipient Vessels sentence examples within superficial temporal artery

[Free anterolateral thigh flap with superficial temporal vessels as recipient vessels for reconstruction of defect after maxillectomy in malignant tumor].

[Free rectus abdominis myocutaneous flap for the reconstruction of major and complex defects in the craniofacial regions after ablation of advanced sinonasal carcinomas].

Recipient Vessels sentence examples within free anterolateral thigh

Reconstruction of Pelvic Exenteration Defect with Free Anterolateral Thigh Flap: A Case Report

Recipient Vessels sentence examples within Suitable Recipient Vessels

Revisiting the Transverse Cervical Artery and Vein for Complex Head and Neck Reconstruction

Lateral thoracic artery as recipient vessel for head and neck free flap reconstruction in the vessel depleted neck: A case report

Recipient Vessels sentence examples within Poor Recipient Vessels

Strategies for Complex Scalp Reconstruction in Patients With Poor Recipient Vessels

Trochanteric area reconstruction with free flap using perforators as recipients: An alternative and effective option

Recipient Vessels sentence examples within Potential Recipient Vessels

Reliability of Temporal Vascular Anastomosis and Techniques for Better Outcomes.

Hybrid perforator flaps: Introducing a new concept in perforator flap surgery.

Recipient Vessels sentence examples within Cervical Recipient Vessels

Segmental mandibular reconstruction in patients with poor lower extremity perfusion, vessel-depleted necks and/or profound medical frailty

Utilization of Anterolateral Thigh Flap and Transverse Cervical Recipient Vessels for Head and Neck Cancer Patients With Former Neck Dissection and Irradiation: A Case Series Study

Recipient Vessels sentence examples within Healthy Recipient Vessels

Use of intraflap and extraflap microvascular anastomoses in combination for facilitating bipedicled DIEP/SIEA free flap for reconstruction of circumference soft tissue defect of extremity

Treating Intimal Injury to the Graft Hepatic Artery by Intraoperative Fluorescence Vascular Stenting

Recipient Vessels sentence examples within Available Recipient Vessels

Reconstruction of recalcitrant pressure ulcers with latissimus dorsi muscle-splitting free flaps.

Reconstruction of a large full‐thickness abdominal wall defect with flow‐through‐based alt flaps: A case report

Recipient Vessels sentence examples within Adequate Recipient Vessels

Complex reconstructive microsurgery cases: the role of arteriovenous loops

Head and Neck Reconstruction of the Vessel-Depleted Neck: A Systematic Review of the Literature

Eccentric free muscular perforator flaps in the proximal lateral leg for hand and foot reconstruction.

Free medialis tarsus flap transfer for reconstruction of toe necrosis: A case report

Anterolateral Thigh Fascia Lata Rescue Flap: A New Weapon in the Battle Against Osteoradionecrosis.

Internal mammary lymph node biopsy during delayed free flap breast reconstruction: case series and review of the literature

Sinonasal Squamous Cell Carcinoma, a Narrative Reappraisal of the Current Evidence

Blood flow distribution after end-to-side anastomosis with wide arteriotomy in extremity free flap surgery.

[Effect of free deep inferior epigastric artery perforator flap transplantation in breast shaping of two-staged breast reconstruction with vertical scar].

Reconstruction of mutilating injuries of the lower extremity – Surgical decision-making for the plastic surgeon

Safety and efficacy of secondary mandibular reconstruction using a free osteo-cutaneous fibula flap after segmental mandibular resection: a retrospective case–control study


A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Microvascular Stacked and Conjoined-Flap Breast Reconstruction.

Implementation and Validation of Free Flaps in Acute and Reconstructive Burn Care

The triple conjoined scapular-latissimus dorsi-groin flap for reconstruction of long lower extremity degloving injury: A case report.

Bilateral Anterolateral Thigh Myocutaneous Flaps for Giant Complex Chest Wall Reconstruction

Multistep reconstruction of a post-traumatic defect in the lower limb with AV loop and free myocutaneous latissimus dorsi flap combined with a perforator monitor skin island after loss of ALT flap

Reconstruction of Hemiglossectomy Defects With the Lateral Arm Fasciocutaneous Flap.

More Recipient Vessels 받는 선박 sentence examples

[Evaluation of the effect of free fibular flap transplantation in repairing mandibular osteoradionecrosis defect in 151 cases].

Long-Term Patency and Fluid Dynamics of Recipient Artery after End-to-Side Anastomosis for Free Tissue Transfer

Extending the Reach of Craniofacial Free Flaps Using the Descending Branch of the Lateral Circumflex Femoral Vessels

The Role of Measurement of Pedicle Length for DIEP Flap Transferring in Breast Reconstruction: A Single-Center, Open-Label, Randomized Controlled Trial.

Usefulness of a template‐based free flap planning for reconstruction of sarcoma defects

In situ pedicle lengthening and perforator shifting technique for overcoming the perforator variation of the anterolateral thigh free flap during head and neck reconstruction.

Reconstruction of Axillary Defect due to Necrotizing Fasciitis and Debridement Using a Free-Flap Transfer: A Report of Three Cases

Two-team approach in lymphovenous anastomosis and omental lymph node flap harvest for upper limb lymphedema

Free Flap Reconstruction of Oncologic Gluteal Defect.

Lower Extremity Reconstruction with Vascularized Free-Tissue Transfer: 20 Years of Experience in the Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand

Application of the “Open‐Y” technique in recipient perforator vessels: A comparison study between “Open‐Y” and conventional end‐to‐end anastomosis in terms of postoperative complications

Impact of infrainguinal bypass tunneling technique on patency and amputation in patients with limb ischemia.


Robotic-assisted nipple-sparing mastectomy followed by immediate microsurgical free flap reconstruction: Feasibility and aesthetic results - Case series.

Free Flaps in Lower Extremity Reconstruction.

3D Printed Chest Wall: A Tool for Advanced Microsurgical Training Simulating Depth and Limited View

Comments on “Reconstruction of an upper posterior thigh extensive defect with a free split‐anterolateral thigh (s‐ALT) flap by perforator‐to‐perforator anastomosis: A case report”

An effective technique for managing vascular diameter discrepancies in microsurgery: tapering with a hemoclip

Is sequential free flap safe in oral cancer reconstruction in the same patient? An outcome and complication analysis.

A novel technique for the safe transfer of the pedicle of a free flap in head and neck reconstruction using a nasopharyngeal airway connected to a negative pressure suction

More Recipient Vessels 받는 선박 sentence examples

Application of double foliated anterolateral thigh flap with a single perforator in reconstruction of the skin and soft tissue defects of forearm and hand

More Recipient Vessels 받는 선박 sentence examples

Reconstruction of extensive soft-tissue defect of leg using free anterolateral thigh flap with the contralateral leg vessels as the recipient vessels

Perforator navigation using color Doppler ultrasound and three-dimensional reconstruction for preoperative planning of optimal lateral circumflex femoral artery system perforator flaps in head and neck reconstruction.

Superficial temporal vessels as a recipient site for microvascular head and neck reconstruction: is it reliable?

Early discharge after free-tissue transfer does not increase adverse events.