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Trajectory Extraction for Analysis of Unsafe Driving Behaviour

Online Variational Bayesian Subspace Filtering

Joint planning for battery swap and supercharging networks with priority service queues

Constructing Geographic and Long-term Temporal Graph for Traffic Forecasting

Traffic jam prediction using hazardous material transportation management simulation

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Joint Client Association and UAV Scheduling in Cache-Enabled UAV-Assisted Vehicular Networks

Solving Eco-Driving Problems using Indirect Collocation Method and Smooth Representation

An Urban Traffic Signal Control System Based on Traffic Flow Prediction

Data-Driven C-RAN Optimization Exploiting Traffic and Mobility Dynamics of Mobile Users

Flows Over Time as Continuous Limits of Packet-Based Network Simulations

FlexSensing: A QoI and Latency-Aware Task Allocation Scheme for Vehicle-Based Visual Crowdsourcing via Deep Q-Network

Temporal Multi-Graph Convolutional Network for Traffic Flow Prediction

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On-road Assessment of Driver Workload and Awareness in Automated Vehicles

Learning Normalizing Flow Policies Based on Highway Demonstrations

Eco-Approach With Traffic Prediction and Experimental Validation for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

Solving Eco-Driving Problems Using Indirect Collocation Method and Smooth Representation

An Optimistic Planning Approach for the Aircraft Landing Problem

Detection of Brute-Force Attacks in End-to-End Encrypted Network Traffic

Emissions and Secondary Formation of Air Pollutants from Modern Heavy-Duty Trucks in Real-World Traffic-Chemical Characteristics Using On-Line Mass Spectrometry.

Temporal Feature Enhancement Network with External Memory for Object Detection in Surveillance Video

Institutional privacy risks in sharing DNS data

High-Performance Software Load Balancer for Cloud-Native Architecture

SATP-GAN: self-attention based generative adversarial network for traffic flow prediction

Soudain: Online Adaptive Profile Configuration for Real-time Video Analytics

Improving Object Detection in Real-World Traffic Scenes

Traffic Prediction for Connected Vehicles on a Signalized Arterial

Mining Topological Dependencies of Recurrent Congestion in Road Networks

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Federated Learning for Object Detection in Autonomous Vehicles

Switched Hawkes Processes

Pedestrian Re-identification using a Surround-view Fisheye Camera System*

Turning Rate Estimation in Roundabouts: Analysis and Validation of Different Estimation Methods

A New Real-Time Detection and Tracking Method in Videos for Small Target Traffic Signs

A Look Behind the Curtain: Traffic Classification in an Increasingly Encrypted Web

Predicting traffic demand during hurricane evacuation using Real-time data from transportation systems and social media

A joint temporal-spatial ensemble model for short-term traffic prediction

Spatial-Temporal Graph ODE Networks for Traffic Flow Forecasting

A Compressive Sensing Based Traffic Monitoring Approach

Advanced methods for turning rate estimation in roundabouts

Low-Rank Autoregressive Tensor Completion for Spatiotemporal Traffic Data Imputation

Subcycle-based Neural Network Algorithms for Turning Movement Count Prediction

How to Evaluate Proving Grounds for Self-Driving? A Quantitative Approach

Meta-MSNet: Meta-Learning Based Multi-Source Data Fusion for Traffic Flow Prediction

Short-Term Traffic Forecasting using LSTM-based Deep Learning Models

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Towards Identifying Internet Applications Using Early Classification of Traffic Flow

Traffic Signal Control With Reinforcement Learning Based on Region-Aware Cooperative Strategy

Voting-Based Ensemble Model for Network Anomaly Detection

Performance of continuum models for realworld traffic flows: Comprehensive benchmarking

Inferring High-Resolutional Urban Flow With Internet Of Mobile Things

Fine-Grained Webpage Fingerprinting Using Only Packet Length Information of Encrypted Traffic

Traffic Speed Forecasting Via Spatio-Temporal Attentive Graph Isomorphism Network

A Reinforcement Learning based Decision-making System with Aggressive Driving Behavior Consideration for Autonomous Vehicles

Accurate Decentralized Application Identification via Encrypted Traffic Analysis Using Graph Neural Networks

A unified approach to the analysis of electric energy and fuel consumption of cars in city traffic

DA&FD–Deadline-Aware and Flow Duration-Based Rate Control for Mixed Flows in DCNs

Trajectory Forecasts with Uncertainties of Vulnerable Road Users by Means of Neural Networks

A reversible sketch-based method for detecting and mitigating amplification attacks

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Real World Traffic 실제 트래픽

Real World Traffic 실제 트래픽
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