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Real World Applications sentence examples within natural language processing

SpanEmo: Casting Multi-label Emotion Classification as Span-prediction

Multi-task BERT for Aspect-based Sentiment Analysis

Real World Applications sentence examples within time linkage property

A Novel Scalable Framework For Constructing Dynamic Multi-objective Optimization Problems

When non-elitism meets time-linkage problems

Real World Applications sentence examples within network intrusion detection

IDA-GAN: A Novel Imbalanced Data Augmentation GAN

Effective and efficient top-k query processing over incomplete data streams

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Real World Applications sentence examples within challenging computer vision

A Meta-Q-Learning Approach to Discriminative Correlation Filter based Visual Tracking

Knowledge-Driven Network for Object Detection

Real World Applications sentence examples within computer vision problem

A Comparison of OpenCV Algorithms for Human Tracking with a Moving Perspective Camera

Real World Applications sentence examples within linguistic decision making

A Novel Linguistic Decision Making Method Based on the Voting Model for Large-Scale Linguistic Decision making

Communication-Efficient Distributed Estimator for Generalized Linear Models with a Diverging Number of Covariates

Balancing Constraints and Objectives by Considering Problem Types in Constrained Multiobjective Optimization.

Pharmacy Students as Volunteer Medical Staff for American Diabetes Association Summer Camp

Graph regularized nonnegative matrix factorization with label discrimination for data clustering

Recent advances in 3D object detection based on RGB-D: A survey

Optimising pheromone communication in a UAV swarm

Over a decade of social opinion mining: a systematic review

ML-CGAN: Conditional Generative Adversarial Network with a Meta-learner Structure for High-Quality Image Generation with Few Training Data

Speeding up distributed pseudo-tree optimization procedures with cross edge consistency to solve DCOPs

LeanNet: An Efficient Convolutional Neural Network for Digital Number Recognition in Industrial Products

Explainability and performance of anticipatory learning classifier systems in non-deterministic environments

Gait cycle prediction model based on gait kinematic using machine learning technique for assistive rehabilitation device

MIDI2vec: Learning MIDI embeddings for reliable prediction of symbolic music metadata

Optimizing Centralized Dispatching of Flexible Feeder Transit considering Transfer Coordination with Regular Public Transit

Parallelizing packet processing in container overlay networks

Fuzzy Rank Based Parallel Online Feature Selection Method using Multiple Sliding Windows

Few-shot imbalanced classification based on data augmentation

No-Reference Stereoscopic Image Quality Assessment Based on Binocular Statistical Features and Machine Learning

Crowd Density Forecasting by Modeling Patch-Based Dynamics

Research advances in the fabrication of biosafety and functional leather: A way-forward for effective management of COVID-19 outbreak

Editorial: Special Section on Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence with Big Data Applications

Revealer: Detecting and Exploiting Regular Expression Denial-of-Service Vulnerabilities

Extracting Different Levels of Speech Information from EEG Using an LSTM-Based Model

Real Elliptically Skewed Distributions and Their Application to Robust Cluster Analysis

Adversarial Multiple-Target Domain Adaptation for Fault Classification

ATRIA: A Bit-Parallel Stochastic Arithmetic Based Accelerator for In-DRAM CNN Processing

Online bagging of evolving fuzzy systems

Transfer Learning Based on Hybrid Riemannian and Euclidean Space Data Alignment and Subject Selection in Brain-Computer Interfaces

The Psycho-criminology of Burial Sites: Developing the Winthropping Method for Locating Clandestine Burial Sites

A Unipolar-based Stochastic LIF Neuron Design for Low-cost Spiking Neural Network

Robust multimodal biometric authentication on IoT device through ear shape and arm gesture

Autonomous Mobile Robot Navigation in Sparse LiDAR Feature Environments

Some new methods for comparing the capability of two processes using process capability index Cpm

Enhanced Performance and Diffusion Robustness of Phase-Change Metasurfaces via a Hybrid Dielectric/Plasmonic Approach

Cross-modal Memory Fusion Network for Multimodal Sequential Learning with Missing Values

Detecting Tourism Typologies of Regional Destinations Based on Their Spatio-Temporal and Socioeconomic Performance: A Correlation-Based Complex Network Approach for the Case of Greece


Beyond fingerprinting: Choosing predictive connectomes over reliable connectomes

A hybrid metaheuristic algorithm for identification of continuous-time Hammerstein systems

A hybrid data-level ensemble to enable learning from highly imbalanced dataset

Waveguide resonators as squeezed light sources

Semi-supervised exemplar learning for object detection in aerial imagery

The Impact of the Detector on the Performances of a Multi Person Tracking System

Genetic Programming with Niching for Uncertain Capacitated Arc Routing Problem

Applications of Machine Learning Techniques in Genetic Circuit Design

Negative updating applied to the best-of-n problem with noisy qualities

An Evaluation of Water Absorption Process Parameters for Composites by Deploying A Novel DEMATEL Method-PROMETHEE Method

Low-Rank Nonlocal Representation for Remote Sensing Scene Classification

Fuzzy best-worst method and its application in initial water rights allocation

Subject-Transfer Approach based on Convolutional Neural Network for the SSSEP-BCIs

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Real World Applications 실제 응용 프로그램

Real World Applications 실제 응용 프로그램
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