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Initial Assessment of the BDS-3 PPP-B2b RTS compared with the CNES RTS

Multi-Access Edge Computing: An Overview and Latency Evaluation

Dynamic Resource Allocation Algorithm Based on Queue Management in High-Speed Railway Communication Networks

Wireless sensor network–based delay minimization framework for IoT applications

Secure Top-k query in edge-computing-assisted sensor-cloud systems

Efficient sensitivity orient blockchain encryption for improved data security in cloud

Secure Service Offloading for Internet of Vehicles in SDN-Enabled Mobile Edge Computing

A trust evaluation model for secure data aggregation in smart grids infrastructures for smart cities

Prediction of BeiDou Satellite Orbit Maneuvers to Improve the Reliability of Real-Time Navigation Products

A Novel Traffic Shaping Algorithm for SDN-Sliced Networks using a New WFQ Technique

LOVER - Platform for Segmentation and Activation of Media Users based on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Techniques

Towards an Integrated Vehicle Management System in DriveOS

Fast Adaptive Handover using Fuzzy Logic for 5G Communications on High Speed Trains

The Challenges, Technologies, and Role of Fog Computing in the Context of Industrial Internet of Things

Natural history, trajectory, and management of mechanically ventilated COVID-19 patients in the United Kingdom

A Novel Federated Fog Architecture Embedding Intelligent Formation

ADA-SR: Activity detection and analysis using security robots for reliable workplace safety.

Local flexibility market framework for grid support services to distribution networks

Estimation of Contact Center Performance Measures in Case of Overload and Chatbot Implementation

Performance Improvement of TFRC Congestion Control Algorithm in Wireless Network Streaming Media Transmission

Characterizing the Relationship Between Application QoE and Network QoS for Real-Time Services

Ontological Data Replication in a Distributed Real-Time Database System

T-CREo: A Twitter Credibility Analysis Framework

Real-Time Coseismic Displacement Retrieval Based on Temporal Point Positioning with IGS RTS Correction Products

5G Vehicle-to-Everything Services in Cross-Border Environments: Standardization and Challenges

Effective Capacity Analysis of Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces Aided NOMA Network

Autonomous Authentication and Light Weight Key Management Scheme for Communication in Smart Metering Infrastructure

A fault-tolerant architecture for internet-of-things based on software-defined networks

Toward 5G High Utilizations: A survey on OFDMA-based Resource Allocation Techniques in Next-Generation Broadband Wireless Access Networks

Context-Aware Fine-Grained Task Scheduling at Vehicular Edges: An Extreme Reinforcement Learning based Dynamic Approach

Recommendation agents and information sharing through social media for coronavirus outbreak

IoT Service Slicing and Task Offloading for Edge Computing

Zigbee and GSM Based Security System for Business Places

Numerical Reader System for Digital Measurement Instruments Embedded Industrial Internet of Things

Age-of-Information for mURLLC Over 6G Multimedia Wireless Networks

Adaptive Power and Rate Control for Real-Time Status Updating Over Fading Channels

NN-KOG2P: A Novel Grapheme-to-Phoneme Model for Korean Language

The analysis and detection of orbit maneuvers for the BeiDou satellites based on orbital elements

Fortified-Chain: A Blockchain-Based Framework for Security and Privacy-Assured Internet of Medical Things With Effective Access Control

Drone Assisted Robust Emergency Service Management for Elderly Chronic Disease

Statistical Bounded Age-Of-Information for mURLLC Over 6G Multimedia Wireless Networks

A Minimal Delay Violation downlink LTE scheduler

Edge Intelligence for Adaptive Multimedia Streaming in Heterogeneous Internet of Vehicles

Real-Time Communication Model Based on OPC UA Wireless Network for Intelligent Production Line

BBR-S: A Low-Latency BBR Modification for Fast-Varying Connections

Development of Interference Mitigation Techniques based Artificial Neural Network for IoT Network

Enhanced Security Framework for Enabling Facial Recognition in Autonomous Shuttles Public Transportation During COVID-19

A scheduling-based dynamic fog computing framework for augmenting resource utilization

Directional QoS Routing Framework

Strategy-Proof Online Mechanisms for Weighted AoI Minimization in Edge Computing

Real-time clock prediction of multi-GNSS satellites and its application in precise point positioning

Evaluation of Information Transmission Resource While Processing Heterogeneous Traffic in Data Networks

IoT and Cloud based Smart Healthcare System using Optimized Data Classification Algorithm

Classification of Sea Ice Types in Sentinel-1 SAR images

Automated Sea Ice Classification Using Sentinel-1 Imagery

Proposing a Development of Geolocation Mobile Application for Airport Pickup of International Students PickUp

Analysis on Privacy Protection in Cloudlet and Edge Technology

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Real Time Service 실시간 서비스

Real Time Service 실시간 서비스
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