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Development of an urban flood model for Bengaluru city, Karnataka, India

Rainfall Prediction and Suitable Crop Suggestion Using Machine Learning Prediction Algorithms

Flood inundation simulations based on GSMaP satellite rainfall data in Jakarta, Indonesia

Transfer Learning with Convolutional Neural Networks for Rainfall Detection in Single Images

Detecting Areas Vulnerable to Flooding Using Hydrological-Topographic Factors and Logistic Regression

Real-Time Rainfall Estimation Using Microwave Links: A Case Study in East China during the Plum Rain Season in 2020

Correcting bias of satellite rainfall data using physical empirical model

Progressive Development of the Perched Water Zone in Highway Slopes Made of Highly Plastic Clay

Testing of an Optimization-Simulation Model for Real-Time Flood Operation of River-Reservoir Systems

Deep learning–based downscaling of summer monsoon rainfall data over Indian region

Real Time Rainfall Monitoring for Pipeline Geohazards

[Effect of Check Dam on Phosphorus Transport and Retention in the Qingshui River, in Zhangjiakou City].

Very short-term radar rainfall prediction using deep neural network for hydropower dam operation

Spatiotemporal modelling of rainfall-induced landslides using machine learning

Developing Real-Time Nowcasting System for Regional Landslide Hazard Assessment under Extreme Rainfall Events

A simple machine learning approach to model real-time streamflow using satellite inputs: Demonstration in a data scarce catchment

Designing Deep-Based Learning Flood Forecast Model With ConvLSTM Hybrid Algorithm

Real-Time Rainfall Forecasts Based on Radar Reflectivity during Typhoons: Case Study in Southeastern Taiwan

Recent Development of the Hong Kong Landslip Warning System

Intelligent Methods for flood forecasting in Wadi al Wala, Jordan

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Real Time Rainfall 실시간 강우량

Real Time Rainfall 실시간 강우량
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