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Upper and Lower Threshold Limit of Chilled and Condenser Water Temperature Set-Points During ANN Based Optimized Control

In-situ application of an ANN algorithm for optimized chilled and condenser water temperatures set-point during cooling operation

Predictive decision support platform and its application in crowding prediction and passenger information generation

Riding the Digital Product Life Cycle Waves towards a Circular Economy

An Intelligent Predictive Controller for Power and Battery Management in Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Experimental Validation of Eco-Driving and Eco-Heating Strategies for Connected and Automated HEVs

Real-time prediction of short-timescale fluctuations in cognitive workload

On Construction of Sensors, Edge, and Cloud (iSEC) Framework for Smart System Integration and Applications

Real-Time Predictive Energy Management of Hybrid Electric Heavy Vehicles by Sequential Programming

A real-time flow forecasting with deep convolutional generative adversarial network: Application to flooding event in Denmark

SCExAO: a testbed for developing high-contrast imaging technologies for ELTs

Design and Implementation of an Informatics Infrastructure for Standardized Data Acquisition, Transfer, Storage, and Export in Psychiatric Clinical Routine: Feasibility Study

Real-time prediction of high-density EAST disruptions using random forest

Dynamic Pore Modulation of Stretchable Electrospun Nanofiber Filter for Adaptive Machine Learned Respiratory Protection.

Introducing predictive Best-Mode controller for minimizing hybrid electric vehicle fuel consumption

A Glider Simulation Model Based on Optimized Support Vector Regression for Efficient Coordinated Observation

Algorithms for Prediction of Clinical Deterioration on the General Wards: A Scoping Review.

A framework for building energy management system with residence mounted photovoltaic

Improving Diversity in Engineering: A Data-Driven Approach to Support Resource Mobilization and Participation in Hashtag Activism Campaigns

Real-time predictive energy management of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles for coordination of fuel economy and battery degradation

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Real Time Predictive 실시간 예측

Real Time Predictive 실시간 예측
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