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Design and Implementation of Gesture Recognition and Writing Text Virtually Using Finger

Smart Gesture-based Control in Human Computer Interaction Applications for Special-need People

Magnetic Array Assisted Triboelectric Nanogenerator Sensor for Real-Time Gesture Interaction


Human-Robot Cooperation for Autonomous Vehicles and Human Drivers: Challenges and Solutions

An Approach to Dynamic Gesture Recognition Based on Instantaneous Posture

Benchmarking deep neural network approaches for Indian Sign Language recognition

A wearable biosensing system with in-sensor adaptive machine learning for hand gesture recognition

Real-time Gesture Recognition Based on Improved Artificial Neural Network and sEMG Signals

Dynamic Gesture Recognition System with Gesture Spotting Based on Self-Organizing Maps

Real-time gesture control for automotive infotainment system

CMCF: An Architecture for Realtime Gesture Generation by Clustering Gestures by Motion and Communicative Function

Synthetic Biological Signals Machine-Generated by GPT-2 Improve the Classification of EEG and EMG Through Data Augmentation

Implementation of MQTT protocol based network architecture for smart factory

Software Implementation of Gesture Recognition Algorithm Using Computer Vision

Sign Language Recognition

Sign Languages to Speech Conversion Prototype using the SVM Classifier

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Real Time Gesture 실시간 제스처

Real Time Gesture 실시간 제스처
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