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Effect of Cognitive Control on Attentional Processing of Emotional Information Among Older Adults: Evidence From an Eye-Tracking Study

Evaluation of effects the ocular metrics (eye movements and ocular aberrations) have on image quality of in vivo retinal optical coherence tomography angiography (OCTA)

Magnification Vision – a Novel Gaze-Directed User Interface

Metadata-driven eye tracking for real-time applications

Strip-based digital image registration for distortion minimization and robust eye motion measurement from scanned ophthalmic imaging systems.

Increased Depth, Reduced Extent, and Sharpened Edges of Visual Field Defects Measured by Compass Fundus Perimeter Compared to Humphrey Field Analyzer.

Instruments of Vision

Eyeball Identification and Tracking using Digital Image Processing

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Embedded System for Eye Blink Detection Using Machine Learning Technique

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Real Time Eye 실시간 눈

Real Time Eye 실시간 눈
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