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Novel Real-time Safety Algorithm for Predicting Danger-ous Targets on the Driving region in the Unstructured Road

Review of Big Data Applications in Finance and Economics

Dynamic Diffuse Global Illumination Resampling

A novel algorithm for minute ventilation estimation in remote health monitoring with magnetometer plethysmography

Real-Time Signature Recognition Using Neural Network

An Adaptive QRS Detection Algorithm with Variable Threshold. (Dept. E)

Real-Time Tracking Algorithm for Aerial Vehicles Using Improved Convolutional Neural Network and Transfer Learning

Advanced high-performance processing tools for diagnostics and control in fusion devices

The shallow of your smile: The ethics of expressive vocal deepfakes

Resource management of GEO relays for real-time remote sensing

Real-time face alignment: evaluation methods, training strategies and implementation optimization

Development and Implementation of Automated UAV Flight Algorithms for Inertial Navigation Systems

Experimental analysis on estimating junction temperature and service life of high power LED array

Smart surveillance system for real-time multi-person multi-camera tracking at the edge

A Bayesian Approach for Estimating Heart Rate using FMCW Radar

Real-time Web Search Framework for Performing Efficient Retrieval of Data

Novel Feedback-Bayesian BP Neural Network Combined with Extended Kalman Filtering for the Battery State-of-Charge Estimation

Real-time underwater image resolution enhancement using super-resolution with deep convolutional neural networks

A Gauss–Newton-Like Hessian Approximation for Economic NMPC

Real-time speech enhancement algorithm for transient noise suppression

Real-Time Estimation of 2-D Temperature Distribution in Lithium-Ion Pouch Cells

A Study on the Production of Real-Time Algorithmic Composition System Using the VQ-VAE Algorithm of OpenAI Jukebox

Effectiveness of the Mobility Rehab System for Mobility Training in Older Adults: A Pragmatic Clinical Trial

SEVIRI Aerosol Optical Depth Validation Using AERONET and Intercomparison with MODIS in Central and Eastern Europe

A Frequent Pattern Conjunction Heuristic for Rule Generation in Data Streams

A Straightforward and Robust Algorithm for Accurate Estimation of Power System Frequency

An Efficient Neurodynamic Approach to Fuzzy Chance-constrained Programming

Distributed Pursuit of an Evader With Collision and Obstacle Avoidance.

Off-Network Earthquake Location by Earthquake Early Warning Systems: Methodology and Validation

Real-Time Signal Processing for Mitigating SiPM Dark Noise Effects in a Scintillating Neutron Detector

Measuring deadtime and double-counts in a non-paralyzable scintillating neutron detector using arrival time statistics

Design of Real-Time Control Based on DP and ECMS for PHEVs

Real-time UVMS torque distribution algorithm based on weighting matrix

Determination of Critical Fault Tree Components Based on Mixed Fuzzy Top Event

Pathway Discover of Moving Objects using Color Segmentation and Region property

Rain Streaks Elimination Using Image Processing Algorithms

Rethinking Star Selection in Celestial Navigation

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Real Time Algorithm 실시간 알고리즘

Real Time Algorithm 실시간 알고리즘
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