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Selective saturation of step-edges as a tool to control the growth of molecular fibres.

An Approach for the Transfer of Real Surfaces in Finite Element Simulations

Measuring Atopic Dermatitis Disease Severity: The Potential for Electronic Tools to Benefit Clinical Care.

The Off-Line Simulation on Measuring through Software PC-DMIS CAD++ V4.3

Surfaces that are covered by two pencils of circles

Fatigue Damage of an Asperity in Frictionless Normal Contact with a Rigid Flat

Temperature-dependence of the static contact angle: A transition state theory approach.

ERO2.0 modelling of nanoscale surface morphology evolution

A generic parallel computational framework of lifting wavelet transform for online engineering surface filtration

Bi-Gaussian Stratified Wetting Model on Rough Surfaces.

A Fast Algorithm for Modeling Rough Surfaces in the Remote Sensing Tasks

Mechanical Integrity of 3D Rough Surfaces during Contact

Fingertip Interaction Metrics Correlate with Visual and Haptic Perception of Real Surfaces

Analysis of Surface Geometry Changes after Hybrid Milling and Burnishing by Ceramic Ball

An appraisal of the geometry and energy efficiency of parabolic trough collectors with laser scanners and image processing

Untersuchung des Einflusses der Einlaufprozedur auf das Reibungsund Verschleißverhalten von geschmierten Kontakten mit der Finite-Elemente-Methode

Activation of Water on MnOx-Nanocluster-Modified Rutile (110) and Anatase (101) TiO2 and the Role of Cation Reduction

Through-thickness strain field measurement using the mirror-assisted multi-view digital image correlation

Fusion of Heterogeneous Range Sensors Dataset for High Fidelity Surface Generation

Nanoscale wetting of viruses by ionic liquids

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Real Surfaces 실제 표면

Real Surfaces 실제 표면
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