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Demineralization of brackish surface water by reverse osmosis: The first experience in Morocco

AI Based Performance Benchmarking & Analysis of Big Data and Cloud Powered Applications: An in Depth View

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Hytrace: A Hybrid Approach to Performance Bug Diagnosis in Production Cloud Infrastructures

Hytrace: A Hybrid Approach to Performance Bug Diagnosis in Production Cloud Infrastructures

Introduction: the Holocaust in contemporary culture

The possible impact of weather uncertainty on the Dynamic Thermal Rating of transmission power lines: A Monte Carlo error-based approach

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Performance Assessment of a Newly Constructed Skewed Half-Through Railway Bridge Using Integrated Sensing

O uso do BIM para avaliação do desempenho dos edifícios

A context aware model for autonomous agent stochastic planning

Experimental comparative study of the thermal performance of the façade of a building refurbished using ETICS, and quantification of improvements

On the theoretical basis of memory-free approaches for fractional differential equations

A posterior evaluation algorithm of steganalysis accuracy inspired by residual co-occurrence probability

An evaluation methodology to assess the accuracy of a tracking system in the case of horse races description and experimental validation

Translucent component to provide thermal energy saving in buildings

Comparison of operational performance and analytical model of high concentrator photovoltaic thermal system at 2000 concentration ratio

Assessment of the Thermal Behaviour of Rammed Earth Walls in the Summer Period

Modelling operation of proton exchange membrane fuel cells - A brief review of current status

New-age Supercomputers: Hi-Speed Networks and Information Security

Robustness vs Chattering-effect study for the Sliding Mode Control

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New method for measuring field performance of variable refrigerant flow systems based on compressor set energy conservation

Assessment of the influence of façade location and orientation in indoor environment of double-skin building envelopes with perforated metal sheets

Early management of human factors in lean industrial systems

Overcoming the pitfalls of automatic interpretation of whole genome sequencing data by online tools for the prediction of pyrazinamide resistance in Mycobacterium tuberculosis

An Automatic Semantic Code Repair Service Based on Deep Learning for Programs with Single Error

Energy characterization of a PASLINK test cell with a gravel covered roof using a novel methodology: Sensitivity analysis and Bayesian calibration

Resilient Design and Adaptive Thermal Comfort in the Tropics

Transformer Apparent Age Estimation Based on Probabilistic Health Index

Reliable and Efficient Image Cropping: A Grid Anchor Based Approach

Dynamic Stress Measurement with Sensor Data Compensation

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4CPS-050 Analysis of antibiotic administration in surgical prophylaxis

Dynamic motor imagery mentally simulates uncommon real locomotion better than static motor imagery both in young adults and elderly

Sustainable level of human performance with regard to actual availability in different professions.

Hybrid Modeling Procedure of Li-Ion Battery Modules for Reproducing Wide Frequency Applications in Electric Systems

Hybrid battery–supercapacitor system for full electric forklifts

SBE 19 Milan “ Resilient Built Environment for Sustainable Mediterranean Countries ”

Design of a new energy dissipating device and verification for use in rockfall protection barriers

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Real Performance 실제 성능

Real Performance 실제 성능
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