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Basicity of a system of exponents with a piecewise linear phase in Morrey-typespaces

Existence and bifurcation behavior of positive solutions for a class of Kirchhoff-type problems

Real Parameters sentence examples within Three Real Parameters

Conics from symmetric Pythagorean triple preserving matrices

[0,1] Truncated Lomax – Uniform distribution with properties

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Rotating Liquid Drops and Delaunay Surfaces

Analytic Construction of Multi-brane Solutions in Cubic String Field Theory for Any Brane Number

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Real Parameters sentence examples within real parameters p

Synthesis of Conical Phased Antenna Arrays Optimization of Amplitude Distribution Parameters

Monogenic functions in commutative complex algebras of the second rank and the Lamé equilibrium system for some class of plane orthotropy

Effect of different active screen hole sizes on the surface characteristic of plasma nitrided steel

Analysis of an LCL-T Type Resonant Dc–Dc Converter by the Fundamental Harmonic Method

Global persistence of the unit eigenvectors of perturbed eigenvalue problems in Hilbert spaces.

Ultrafast spin dynamics and spintronics for ferrimagnets close to the spin compensation point (Review)

Engineering of bio-mimetic substratum topographies for enhanced early colonization of filamentous algae

Deterministic Controlled Remote State Preparation of Real-Parameter Multi-Qubit States via Maximal Slice States

Bivariate B-Splines from Convex Pseudo-circle Configurations

Exact solution to a Liouville equation with Stuart vortex distribution on the surface of a torus

Mechanical durability of hydrophobic surfaces fabricated by injection moulding of laser-induced textures

Differential Relations for the Solutions to the NLS Equation and Their Different Representations

Experimental Evaluation of Nature-Inspired Algorithms on High Dimensions

Post-failure fracture surface analysis of notched steel specimens after bending-torsion fatigue

Ковзний режим другого порядку в задачі слідкування за вихідною напругою матричного перетворювача

Infinitely many solutions for $2k$-th order BVP with parameters

The Use of Areal Parameters for the Analysis of the Surface Machined Using the Abrasive Waterjet Technology

Joint Monitoring of Ground and Sky for Cereal Crops Based on Scatterometer Measurement and ASAR Images


Ковзний режим другого порядку в задачі керування вихідною напругою альтернативного джерела в однофазній мережі

Existence of positive solutions for Hardy nonlocal fractional elliptic equations involving critical nonlinearities

A Greedy, Generative, Lattice Representation for Point Packing

Parameters Identification of Air-Condition Compressor Driven by Motor Using the Least Squares Method

Interaction of railway with turnout

Kirchhoff-type problems on a geodesic ball of the hyperbolic space

Analysis of Dexmedetomidine on the Quality of Awakening During Neurosurgery

Nonlinear Behavior of a Suspended Particle in Single-Axis Acoustic Levitators

Impact of capillary drops of complex fluids on a solid surface

Some Approximation Properties of New Families of Positive Linear Operators.

Mildly Inertial Subgradient Extragradient Method for Variational Inequalities Involving an Asymptotically Nonexpansive and Finitely Many Nonexpansive Mappings

Parameters identification and adaptive tracking control of uncertain complex-variable chaotic systems with complex parameters

Microwave Emission During the Impact Compaction of Particle Bed

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Real Parameters 실제 매개변수

Real Parameters 실제 매개변수
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