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Highly resolved Eulerian simulations of fuel spray transients in single and multi-hole injectors: Nozzle flow and near-exit dynamics


The Numerical Approach to Mosaic Patterns in Filament-Wound Composite Pipes

CFD analysis and experimental measurements of the liquid aluminum spray formation for an Al–H2O based hydrogen production system

Correction and verification of x-ray imaging crystal spectrometer analysis on Wendelstein 7-X through x-ray ray tracing.

Study of Rail-Wheel Performance during Curve Negotiation

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Modeling of High Pressure Short-Arc Xenon Discharge With a Thoriated Cathode

A New Method for Wet-Dry Front Treatment in Outburst Flood Simulation

Numerical simulation of micro-crack leakage on steam generator heat transfer tube

Computing the Dimension of Real Algebraic Sets

Numerical Assessment of the Structural Effects of Relative Sliding between Tissues in a Finite Element Model of the Foot

Numerical and experimental simulation of shrinkage porosity closure during hot rolling of bars

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A Mathematical Model of the Assembly Error for Flat Surfaces

Rapid Prototyping 3D Model for PIV: Application in Human Trachea Model Flow Analysis

Comparative analysis of simulation options for the real geometry of the surfaces of gas turbine engine parts

The Numerical Analysis of the In-Plane Constraint Influence on the Behavior of the Crack Subjected to Cyclic Loading

Comparison of calculation algorithms to predict the IQM detector response for various modulation degree of VMAT treatment plans on linear accelerator equipped with the HD120 MLC.

Cosmological exact solutions of Petrov type D of a non-lineal fluid asymptotic to a fluid of dark energy in real and complex geometries with double singularity. First case

Numerical Optimization of Heat Transfer from Multiple Jets Impinging on a Moving Curved Surface for Industrial Drying Machines

Experimental validation of laser powder bed fusion simulation

A sensitivity interpolation algorithm for the concurrent optimization of bodies sharing a common design space

Deriving lumped parameters for DGR safety assessment by 3D transport model postprocessing

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Modeling of the electric drive of the main motion of the rolling cage as a multi-mass electromechanical system

Impact of the LACKS of Fusion Induced by Additive Manufacturing on the Lubrication of a Gear Flank

New drawbead tester and numerical analysis of drawbead closure force

The Seasonal Behavior of the Characteristic Wave in Low Latitudes

Numerical investigation of the effects of cannula geometry on hydraulic blood flow to prevent the risk of thrombosis

Analyzing industrial CVD reactors using a porous media approach

Numerical Optimization of Drying Energy Consumption from Multiple Jets Impinging on a Moving Curved Surface

Particle based method and X-ray computed tomography for pore-scale flow characterization in VRFB electrodes

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LIDAR-based model reconstruction for spacecraft pose determination

From Point Cloud Data to Structural Analysis Through a Geometrical hBIM-Oriented Model

Impact of vegetation on dustiness produced by surface coal mine in North Bohemia

Geometric assessment of lattice materials built via Selective Laser Melting

Echo simulation method of ship target for Geosynchronous SAR

Experimental and Numerical Study of Rubber Flow in the Extrusion Die of a Weather Strip

Study of the magnetization loss of CORC® cables using a 3D T-A formulation

Modeling of electron sources for high voltage glow discharge forming profiled electron beams

Digital Twinning of Existing Bridges from Labelled Point Clusters

Grid Generation for CFD Analysis and Design of a Variety of Twin Screw Machines

Optical laser reflection borometry

Ray-tracing simulation of the radiation dose distribution on the surface of the spherical phantom of the MATROSHKA-R experiment onboard the ISS.

Seasonal Variations of Impedance in the Ionospheric Plasma

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Continuum modelling of frequency dependent acoustic beam focussing and steering in hexagonal lattices

Correlations between Forging Tool Lifetime and the Continuous Curvature Transitions

Numerical and experimental investigation of the stability of a drop in a single-axis acoustic levitator

Parametric modeling based on the real geometry of glass fiber unidirectional non-crimp fabric

Data-driven Geometry-recovering Mesh Denoising

A 3D MRI-based Numerical Model Dedicated to Industrial Thawing of Large Tuna Fishes

Improved mixed elastohydrodynamic lubrication of hypoid gears by the optimization of manufacture parameters

Processes of heat and mass transfer in furnace chambers with combustion of thermochemically activated fuel

Numerical Analysis of Multiphase Blood Flow within Carotid Artery & bifurcation using Mixture Model Theory

Simulation of startup operation of an industrial twin-shaft gas turbine based on geometry and control logic

A 3-D numerical simulation of non-Newtonian blood flow through femoral artery bifurcation with a moderate arteriosclerosis: investigating Newtonian/non-Newtonian flow and its effects on elastic vessel walls

Smart platform for the analysis of cupula deformation caused by otoconia presence within SCCs

Hot incremental forming of titanium human skull prosthesis by using cartridge heaters: a reverse engineering approach

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Effect of helical micro-fins on two-phase flow behavior of R410A evaporating in horizontal round tubes obtained through visualization

A computational study on vascular damage caused by shape memory alloy self-expandable and balloon-expandable stents in a stenosed artery

The Best Settings of Numerical Models of Axial Gas Turbines for Obtaining Reliable Results and Optimization

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The directions of the development of the methods for designing the geometric form of mechanical structures

Digital twinning of existing reinforced concrete bridges from labelled point clusters

Aberration effects in orbital imaging

Updating Conductivity Tensor of Cold and Warm Plasma for Equatorial Ionosphere F2-Region in The Northern Hemisphere

Structural dynamics of big gantry crane subjected to different trolley move laws

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Adaptive machining for curved contour on deformed large skin based on on-machine measurement and isometric mapping

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