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Small convective motions of a visco-elastic fluid filling completely a container when the fluid is heated from below

A survey on visualization of tensor field

Krein signature and Whitham modulation theory: the sign of characteristics and the “sign characteristic”: BRIDGES and RATLIFF

Condition Numbers for Real Eigenvalues in the Real Elliptic Gaussian Ensemble

Inequalities for Selected Eigenvalues of the Product of Matrices

Observation of exceptional points in magnonic parity-time symmetry devices

Sufficient embedding conditions for three-state discrete-time Markov chains with real eigenvalues

Parity-Time-Anyonic Coupled Resonators System With Tunable Exceptional Points

Applications of a Class of Herglotz Operator Pencils

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Матричные уравнения систем фазовой синхронизации

Simultaneous stabilization of discrete-time delay systems and bounds on delay margin

Statistics and characterization of matrices by determinant and trace

Towards non-Hermitian quantum statistical thermodynamics

Distributed Platoon Control Under Topologies With Complex Eigenvalues: Stability Analysis and Controller Synthesis

Asymmetric tensor representations in micropolar continuum mechanics theories

Analysis of two transmission eigenvalue problems with a coated boundary condition

Spectral analysis of Timoshenko beam with time delay in interior damping

Spectral bounds for indefinite singular Sturm–Liouville operators with uniformly locally integrable potentials

Fast consensus in a large-scale multi-agent system with directed graphs using time-delayed measurements

Non-real eigenvalues of nonlocal indefinite Sturm–Liouville problems

On Near-controllability of Discrete-time Bilinear Systems from A Geometric Point of View

An iterative method for exact eigenvalues and eigenvectors of general nonviscously damped structural systems

Stability analysis and numerical simulation of gravitactic bioconvection in a rectangular cavity

Effect of unitary transformation on Bayesian information criterion for source numbering in array processing

A class of new extended shift-splitting preconditioners for saddle point problems

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Real Eigenvalues 실수 고유값

Real Eigenvalues 실수 고유값
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