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Immobilized lipase screening towards continuous-flow kinetic resolution of (±)-1,2-propanediol

Infrared spectroscopy analysis on charcoal generated by the pyrolysis of Corymbia. citriodora wood

Interior engineering of seaweed-derived N-doped versatile carbonaceous beads with CoxOy for universal organic pollutant degradation

Biogas upgrading with hydrogenotrophic methanogenic biofilms.

Biological manganese removal from mine drainage in a fixed-bed bioreactor at pilot-scale

Performance of Catalysts of Different Nature in Model Tar Component Decomposition

Hepatic spheroids derived from human induced pluripotent stem cells in bio-artificial liver rescue porcine acute liver failure

Hydrothermal Ethanol Flames in Co-Flow Jets.

Evaluation of two different carriers in the biodegradation process of an azo dye

Trajectory Calculation of Horizontally Injected Laser Fusion Energy Target in Residual Gas

Fluorescent Fluid in 3D‐Printed Microreactors for the Acceleration of Photocatalytic Reactions

Industrial processes control with the use of a neural tomographic algorithm

Determination Number Of Magnesium Nutritions From MgSO4.7H2O AND IRON FROM FeSO4.7H2O on Tetraselmiss chuii Cultivation To The Maximum Lipid Contact

Development and Research of Flux-Cored Electrodes For Welding And Surfacing Of Parts From Aluminum And Titanium Alloys

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