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Impact of low reactivity fuel type on low load combustion, emissions, and cyclic variations of diesel-ignited dual fuel combustion

Effect of CNG and CBG as low reactivity fuels along with diesel and TPME as high reactivity fuels in RCCI mode of combustion by varying different loads

Characteristics of non-methane hydrocarbons and methane emissions in exhaust gases under natural-gas/diesel dual-fuel combustion

Effects of isopropanol-butanol-ethanol (IBE) on combustion characteristics of a RCCI engine fueled by biodiesel fuel

Effect of diesel and gasoline blending fuel coordinate with in-cylinder charge conditions on efficient and clean combustion based heavy-duty diesel engine

Reductions in Unburned Ammonia and Nitrous Oxide Emissions From an Ammonia-Assisted Diesel Engine With Early Timing Diesel Pilot Injection

CFD analysis of combustion and emission characteristics of primary reference fuels: from transient Diesel spray to heavy-duty engine

Alcohol Fuels in Low-Temperature Combustion Engines

Efficient light-duty engine using turbulent jet ignition of lean methane mixtures:

Concept of breed and burn reactor with spiral fuel shuffling

Development of integral type spent fuel pool storage rack with gadolinium and europium-containing structure materials

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Reactivity Fuels 반응성 연료

Reactivity Fuels 반응성 연료
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