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Alteration of CYP2E1, DBN1, DNMT1, miRNA-335, miRNA-21, c-Fos and Cox-2 gene expression in prefrontal cortex of rats’ offspring submitted to prenatal ethanol exposure during their neurodevelopment and the preventive role of nancocurcumin administration: A histological, ultrastructural and molecular

Chronic mild stress-induced protein dysregulations correlated with susceptibility and resiliency to depression or anxiety revealed by quantitative proteomics of the rat prefrontal cortex

Effects of chronic exposure to haloperidol, olanzapine or lithium on SV2A and NLGN synaptic puncta in the rat frontal cortex

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Rat Prefrontal 쥐의 전두엽

Rat Prefrontal 쥐의 전두엽
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