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A systematic approach re-analyzing the effects of temperature disturbance on the microbial community of mesophilic anaerobic digestion

Microbial responses to anthropogenic dissolved organic carbon in the Arctic and Antarctic coastal seawaters

Microbial ecology in selenate‐reducing biofilm communities: Rare biosphere and their interactions with abundant phylotypes

Analysis of Salivary Mycobiome in a Cohort of Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma Patients From Sudan Identifies Higher Salivary Carriage of Malassezia as an Independent and Favorable Predictor of Overall Survival

Differences in Precipitation Regime Shape Microbial Community Composition and Functional Potential in Namib Desert Soils.

Thermodynamics shapes the biogeography of propionate-oxidizing syntrophs in paddy field soils.

Hi-C deconvolution of a textile dye-related microbiome reveals novel taxonomic landscapes and links phenotypic potential to individual genomes.

Allium-Based Phytobiotic Enhances Egg Production in Laying Hens through Microbial Composition Changes in Ileum and Cecum

Responses of Coastal Marine Microbiomes Exposed to Anthropogenic Dissolved Organic Carbon

Rare Bacterial Assembly in Soils Is Mainly Driven by Deterministic Processes.

Characterizing the Uncultivated Microbial Minority: towards Understanding the Roles of the Rare Biosphere in Microbial Communities

The physiology and metabolic properties of a novel, low-abundance Psychrilyobacter species isolated from the anoxic Black Sea shed light on its ecological role.

Mycobiota of Eucommia ulmoides bark: Diversity, rare biosphere and core taxa

Selective acceleration of 2-hydroxyl pyridine mono-oxygenation using specially acclimated biomass.

Ecological relevance of abundant and rare taxa in a highly-diverse elastic hypersaline microbial mat, using a small-scale sampling

A vertically and temporally diverse bacterial community in a shallow lake-water sediment site of a eutrophic lake

Temperate and tropical coastal waters share relatively similar microbial biofilm communities while free‐living or particle‐attached communities are distinct

Assembly of abundant and rare bacterial and fungal sub-communities in different soil aggregate sizes in an apple orchard treated with cover crop and fertilizer

Evaluation of the natural attenuation potential of diluted bitumen by microbial communities in the Douglas Channel and Hecate Strait, British Columbia

Function-driven single-cell genomics uncovers cellulose-degrading bacteria from the rare biosphere

Distinct bacterial consortia established in ETBE-degrading enrichments from a polluted aquifer

High-throughput single-cell cultivation reveals the underexplored rare biosphere in deep-sea sediments along the Southwest Indian Ridge.

Diversity of Archaea Domain in Cuatro Cienegas Basin: Archaean Domes

Rare microbial taxa emerge when communities collide: freshwater and marine microbiome responses to experimental mixing.

Regional oceanographic features and hydrothermal activity influence protist diversity and biogeography in the Okinawa Trough

Potential for Microbially Mediated Natural Attenuation of Diluted Bitumen on the Coast of British Columbia (Canada)

Identification of Microbial Profiles in Heavy-Metal-Contaminated Soil from Full-Length 16S rRNA Reads Sequenced by a PacBio System

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Ecology of Rare Microorganisms

Genome Repository of Oiled Systems (GROS): an interactive and searchable database that expands the catalogued diversity of crude oil-associated microbes

Rare Microbial Taxa Emerge When Communities Collide: Freshwater and Marine Microbiome Responses to Experimental Seawater Intrusion

“Rare biosphere” plays important roles in regulating soil available nitrogen and plant biomass in alpine grassland ecosystems under climate changes

The Plastisphere – Uncovering tightly attached plastic “specific” microorganisms

Diversity and geochemical community assembly processes of the living rare biosphere in a sand-and-gravel aquifer ecosystem in the Midwestern United States

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Rare Biosphere 희귀 생물권

Rare Biosphere 희귀 생물권
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