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Systems integration and environmental testing activities performed on the Space Exploration Synthetic Aperture Radar (SESAR)

Mitigation of target distortion in pulse-agile sensors via Richardson─Lucy deconvolution

Radar Performance sentence examples within Optimize Radar Performance

Phase-Only Radar Waveform Design for Spectrally Dense Environments

Applying Deep-Q Networks to Target Tracking to Improve Cognitive Radar

Radar Performance sentence examples within Mimo Radar Performance

MVDR code receiver for code multiplexing MIMO radar

Impact of Spatial Correlation in MIMO Radar

Radar Performance sentence examples within Mfr Radar Performance

Multi-criteria Analysis for Evaluation of Adaptive Radar Resource Management algorithms on a Naval setting with and without clutter

Multi-criteria Performance Assessment of Adaptive Radar Resources Management: Application to Naval Scenario

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Radar Waveform Design Under Communication Sum Capacity Constraint

Radar Waveform Design under Communication Sum Capacity Constraint

Radar Performance sentence examples within Limited Radar Performance

Converging Radar and Communications in the Superposition Transmission

Low-PAPR Waveforms with Shaped Spectrum for Enhanced Low Probability of Intercept Noise Radars

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Multi-Carrier Agile Phased Array Radar

Migrating Target Detection in Wideband Radars

Radar Performance sentence examples within radar performance prediction

Synthetic Sea-Clutter for Long Integration Processing

Probabilistic Weighted Extreme Learning Machine for Robust Modeling

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Index modulation for OFDM RadCom systems

Robust Antijamming Strategy Design for Frequency-Agile Radar against Main Lobe Jamming

Deep learning for classifying and characterizing atmospheric ducting within the maritime setting

Adaptive and Fast Combined Waveform-Beamforming Design for MMWave Automotive Joint Communication-Radar

A Low-Complexity Radar Detector Outperforming OS-CFAR for Indoor Drone Obstacle Avoidance

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Deep Learning-Based Range-Doppler Map Reconstruction in Automotive Radar Systems

PMCW Waveform Cross-correlation Characterization and Interference Mitigation

JCR70: A Low-Complexity Millimeter-Wave Proof-of-Concept Platform for a Fully-Digital SIMO Joint Communication-Radar

Synchronization-Free RadChat for Automotive Radar Interference Mitigation

A 250GHz Autodyne FMCW Radar in 55nm BiCMOS with Micrometer Range Resolution

Spatial Modulation for Joint Radar-Communications Systems: Design, Analysis, and Hardware Prototype

Simulation of the Signal-to-Noise Ratio of Sanya Incoherent Scatter Radar Tristatic System

Clutter-Masked Waveform Design for LPI/LPD Radarcom Signal Encoding

Enhancement of small doppler frequencies detection for LFMCW radar

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Development of A UAS-Based Ultra-Wideband Radar for Fine-Resolution Soil Moisture Measurements

Research on Radar Communication Integrated Signal Based on 64QAM-LFM

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Mutual Interference Alignment for Joint Phased Array Radar and Communication Systems

Experimental Evaluation of 79 and 300 GHz Radar Performance in Fire Environments †

Radar Maneuvering Target Motion Parameter Estimation Based on Hough Transform and Polynomial Chirplet Transform

FMCW Radar With Enhanced Resolution and Processing Time by Beam Switching

Peak Sidelobe Level Based Waveform Optimization for OFDM Joint Radar-Communications

Integrated Waveform Design For 64QAM-LFM Radar Communication

Radar and Video Multimodal Learning for Human Activity Classification

Waveform design for a dual-function radar-communication system based on CE-OFDM-PM signal

Moving target detection in clutter background with FDA-MIMO radar via three-dimensional focus processing

Implementation of Radar-Communication System based on GNU-Radio and USRP

Waveform Design for High-Resolution Automotive Radar

Real-Time Synthesis Approach for Simultaneous Radar and Spatially Secure Communications from a Common Phased Array

Waveform Design of Linear Frequency Modulation Pulse Signal Based on Ambiguity Function

Joint Radar-Communication System Design via FH Code Selection and PSK Modulation

MIMO Radar and MIMO Communication Spectrum Sharing with Interference Mitigation

High-Performance Automotive Radar: A review of signal processing algorithms and modulation schemes

Discrete Model of Earth Reflectivity for Land Clutter Simulation

Radar Adaptive Sidelobe Cancellation Technique Based on Spatial Filtering

Investigation on Range Sidelobe Modulation Effect of Co-designed Radar-Communications Shared Waveforms

OFDM-based Joint Radar-Communication System: Optimal Sub-carrier Allocation and Power Distribution by Exploiting Mutual Information

A Phase-coded OFDM Signal for Radar-communication Integration

Design Considerations for Integrated Radar Chirp Synthesizers

An Adaptive Radar Resource Scheduling Algorithm for ISAR Imaging Based on Step-Frequency Chirp Signal Optimization

Airborne MIMO investigation for STAP-GMTI applications

Performance effect of unintended polarization on clutter attenuation

Optimization of Polyphase Orthogonal sequences for MIMO Radar Using Genetic Algorithm with Hamming Scan

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