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Optimal design of steel pipe rack structures using PSO, GWO, and IGWO algorithms

Wind shielding in refining and petrochemical facilities

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Frame analysis and design of industrial rack structures with perforated cold-formed steel columns

Impact modelling for progressive collapse assessment of selective rack systems

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Laser-Induced Microstructuring of Polymers in Gaseous, Liquid and Supercritical Media

Effect of Co addition on catalytic activity of FePCCu amorphous alloy for methylene blue degradation

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Sensitivity study of vibration responses on vehicle body to typical damages of ballastless track structures

A Novel Track Structure of Double-Sided Linear PM Synchronous Motor for Low Cost and High Force Density Applications

Experimental noise and vibration characteristics of elevated urban rail transit considering the effect of track structures and noise barriers

Anisotropic fragmentation of shrinking thin layers on a substrate

A Geant4-DNA Evaluation of Radiation-Induced DNA Damage on a Human Fibroblast

An advanced train-slab track spatially coupled dynamics model: Theoretical methodologies and numerical applications

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Fatigue behaviour of thin-walled cold roll-formed steel sections

Laboratory Tests and Analyses of the Level of Vibration Suppression of Prototype under Ballast Mats (UBM) in the Ballasted Track Systems

Ultrasound SAFT imaging for HSR ballastless track using the multi-layer sound velocity model

Effect of Viscoelastic Deformation for CA Mortar on Mechanical Responses of Track Structures

Running test on high-speed railway track-simply supported girder bridge systems under seismic action

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Simulation and experimental study on vibration and acoustic characteristics of a continuous supported embedded track

Experimental study on vibration characteristics of metro tunnels with different track structures

Suppression of the repulsion phenomenon of magnetic skyrmions at the end of synthetic antiferromagnetic racetracks

Analysis of the Mechanical Characteristics of Different Track Bed Types in Heavy-Haul Railway Tunnels

Mechanical Performance of a Ballastless Track System for the Railway Bridges of High-Speed Lines: Experimental and Numerical Study under Thermal Loading

Rail Roughness Acceptance Criterion Based on Interior Noise

Study of the Effect of Connection Stiffness on Structural Systems and Theire Structural Integrity

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A Deep Reinforcement Learning Approach for the Traffic Management of High-Speed Railways

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Evaluation of lateral stability of railway tracks due to ballast degradation

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An accurate method for fast assessment of under slab mats (USM) performance in ballastless track structures

Methodological and Conceptual Progresses in Studies on the Latent Tracks in PADC

Flexural band gaps and vibration control of a periodic railway track

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Influence of the strain rate on the dynamic damage of cement-asphalt mortar in prefabricated slab tracks

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Compression and spallation properties of polyethylene terephthalate under plate impact loading

Deformation Law and Control Limit of CRTSIII Slab Track under Subgrade Frost Heave

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Influence of track foundation on the performance of ballast and concrete slab tracks under cyclic loading: Physical modelling and numerical model calibration

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Methodological and Conceptual Progresses in Studies on the Latent Tracks in PADC

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Global-local fatigue approaches for snug-tight and preloaded hot-dip galvanized steel bolted joints

Vertical wheel-rail force waveform identification using wavenumber domain method

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Расчетно-экспериментальная оценка влияния использования подшпальных прокладок на показатели динамического воздействия подвижного состава на путь в стыковой зоне

A New Asymmetric Planar V-Shaped Magnet Arrangement for A Linear PM Synchronous Motor

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Biophysical effects on soil crack morphology in a faunally active dryland vertisol

RuO2, RuO2–TiO2 and RuO2–TiO2–IrO2 nanoparticles supported on Ni mesh as mixed metal oxide electrodes for oxygen reduction reaction

Superhydrophobic Electrically Conductive Paper for Ultrasensitive Strain Sensor with Excellent Anticorrosion and Self-Cleaning Property.

Development of rail surface roughness continuous measurement trolley using asymmetrical chord method and application for rail corrugation measurement

Recrystallization as the governing mechanism of ion track formation

Dziga Vertov: life and work, volume 1: 1896-1921

Experimental Investigation on the Vibration Reduction Characteristics of an Optimized Heavy-Haul Railway Low-Vibration Track

Suppression of the Maglev Vehicle-Track Coupled Self-Excited Vibration Using Two Gap Sensors

Research on Mechanical Performance of CRTS III Plate-Type Ballastless Track Structure under Temperature Load Based on Probability Statistics

Dose-averaged LET calculation for proton track segments using microdosimetric Monte Carlo simulations.

Using Saint Venant’s Elements in Multibody Archeological Studies

The Influence of Temperature and High-Speed Heating on Tensile Strength of Granite and the Application of Digital Image Correlation on Tensile Failure Processes

A SAFT Method for the Detection of Void Defect inside a Ballastless Track Structure Using Ultrasonic Array Sensors

Track structure simulations of proximity functions in liquid water using the Geant4-DNA toolkit

Data processing method for experimental studies of deformation in a rock sample under uniaxial compression

Experimental Investigation of the Mechanical Behavior of Layer-Crack Specimens under Cyclic Uniaxial Compression

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Monitoring of railway structures of the high speed line BPL with bituminous and granular sublayers

Validation and investigation of reactive species yields of Geant4‐DNA chemistry models

Modeling of yield estimation for DNA strand breaks based on Monte Carlo simulations of electron track structure in liquid water

Recent developments of the Component Method

Experimental Study of Railway Trackbed Pressure Distribution Under Dynamic Loading

Monotonic and Fracture Behaviours of Bolted Connections with Distinct Bolt Preloads and Surface Treatments

Comparison of physicochemical properties of biochars and hydrochars produced from food wastes

A Brief Review of Developments and Challenges for High-speed Rail Bridges in China and Germany

Experimental and Theoretical Determination of the Frost-Heave Cracking Law and the Crack Propagation Criterion of Slab Track with Water in the Crack

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Influence of rail fastener stiffness on railway vehicle interior noise

The growth and release of helium bubbles near tungsten surface studied with molecular dynamics simulations

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A mesoscopic damage model of solid propellants under thermo-mechanical coupling loads

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