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Modelling the effect of curves on distance running performance

Modelling the effect of curves on distance running performance

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Outcome analysis of 95 harness racehorses with confirmed dorsal displacement of the soft palate treated with laryngeal tie-forward surgery.

Time class for racing performance of the Quarter Horse: Genetic parameters and trends using Bayesian and multivariate threshold models

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A candidate-SNP retrospective cohort study for fracture risk in Japanese Thoroughbred racehorses.

Sequence analysis and expression profiling of the equine ACTN3 gene during exercise in Arabian horses.

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Retrospective analysis of the population dynamics and racing outcomes of the 2014 and 2015 UK and Ireland Thoroughbred foal crops.

Impact of contact tracing on COVID-19 mortality: An impact evaluation using surveillance data from Colombia

Training and Racing Behaviors of Omnivorous, Vegetarian, and Vegan Endurance Runners—Results from the NURMI Study (Step 1)

Robot-Assisted Haptic Rendering of Bilateral Physical Tasks via Physical Engine

Development of a Method for Clinical Evaluation of Artificial Intelligence–Based Digital Wound Assessment Tools

Contact tracing indicators for COVID-19: rapid scoping review and conceptual framework

Exercise-Associated Sudden Death in Finnish Standardbred and Coldblooded Trotters - A Case Series With Pedigree Analysis.

Indicators of exhaustion and stress markers in endurance horses

CRY1 Gene Polymorphism and Racing Performance of Homing Pigeons

A Review of Contact Tracing Approaches for Controlling COVID-19 Pandemic

Power Profiling, Workload Characteristics, and Race Performance of U23 and Professional Cyclists During the Multistage Race Tour of the Alps.

Multiscale Kernels for Enhanced U-Shaped Network to Improve 3D Neuron Tracing

PBR Clutter Suppression Algorithm Based on Dilation Morphology of Non-Uniform Grid

A 10-year study of arthroscopic surgery in racing Thoroughbreds and Quarterhorses with osteochondral fragmentation of the carpus.

The use of the SLC16A1 gene as a potential marker to predict race performance in Arabian horses

Exome sequencing in genomic regions related to racing performance of Quarter Horses

Evaluation of recent changes in genetic variability in Japanese thoroughbred population based on a short tandem repeat parentage panel.

Heritability estimates of fractures in Japanese Thoroughbred racehorses using a non‐linear model

Comparative insight on building code paradigm shift practice and updates: International perspectives

The Genetics of Racing Performance in Arabian Horses

Robust Learning Control for Shipborne Manipulator With Fuzzy Neural Network

Comparison of the racing performance of Thoroughbreds with versus without osteochondral fragmentation of the accessory carpal bone identified on yearling sales repository radiographs.

An external focus of attention promotes flow experience during simulated driving

Race-day performance of horses with epiglottic entrapment, and following surgical correction using intra-oral curved bistoury hook in anaesthetised horses.

Automatic Drone Navigation in Realistic 3D Landscapes using Deep Reinforcement Learning

Race performance following epiglottic entrapment surgery in Thoroughbred yearlings.

BEM-RCNN Segmentation Based on the Inadequately Labeled Moving Mesenchymal Stem Cells

Genetic algorithm-based multi-objective design of optimal discrete sliding mode approach for trajectory tracking of nonlinear systems

Return to racing after surgical management of third carpal bone slab fractures in thoroughbred and standardbred racehorses

Performance comparison of 159 Thoroughbred racehorses and matched cohorts before and after desmotomy of the interspinous ligament.

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Racing Performance 레이싱 퍼포먼스

Racing Performance 레이싱 퍼포먼스
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