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Climate warming dominates over plant genotype in shaping the seasonal trajectory of foliar fungal communities on oak.

Long-term woodland restoration on lowland farmland through passive rewilding

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Еколого-типологічні особливості лісової рослинності об’єкта Смарагдової мережі «Дергачівський ліс» Північно-Східного Лісостепу України

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Between Pocket Forest Wilderness and Restored Rural Arcadia: Optimizing the Use of a Feral Woodland Enclave in Urban Environment

Influence of climatic factors on the energy potential of broadleaf phytocoenosis forest bedding

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First report of European truffle ectomycorrhiza in the semi-arid climate of Saudi Arabia

A novel emaravirus comprising five RNA segments is associated with ringspot disease in oak.

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Geographical Structuring of Quercus robur (L.) Chloroplast DNA Haplotypes in Lithuania: Recolonization, Adaptation, or Overexploitation Effects?

Climate variation, reproductive frequency and acorn yield in English Oaks.

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Long-term effects of mechanical site preparation on understorey plant communities in lowland floodplain forests

Impact of Thermotherapy and Short-Term Storage on Quercus robur L. Acorn Mycobiota and Germination

Pathogen infection influences the relationship between spring and autumn phenology at the seedling and leaf level.

Soil parameters explain short-distance variation in production of Tuber aestivum Vittad. in an oak plantation in the central-northern part of the Great Hungarian Plain (Jászság region, Hungary)

The floodplain woods of Tuscany: towards a phytosociological synthesis

Impact of recreational transformation of soil physical properties on micromolluscs in an urban park

Characterization of Firebrands Released From Different Burning Tree Species

Oak (Quercus robur) Associated Endophytic Paenibacillus sp. Promotes Poplar (Populus spp.) Root Growth In Vitro

The role of soil bacterial community diversity and composition in earthworm health and function

Impact of environmental conditions on the vitality structure of the cenopopulations of the dominant tree tier in the forests of the southern part of the Volga Upland

Continent-Wide Tree Species Distribution Models May Mislead Regional Management Decisions: A Case Study in the Transboundary Biosphere Reserve Mura-Drava-Danube

Tree-soil-water relations in a mature temperate forest under elevated CO2

First report of Brenneria goodwinii and Gibbsiella quercinecans bacteria, detected on weaken oak trees in Poland

Climate sensitivity and drought seasonality determine post-drought growth recovery of Quercus petraea and Quercus robur in Europe.

Rays hamper intrusive growth of vessel elements

Multifarious Trajectories in Plant-Based Ethnoveterinary Knowledge in Northern and Southern Eastern Europe

The influence of various solvents’ polarity in the synthesis of wood biowaste sorbent: evaluation of dye sorption

Characterization and application of wood-ZrO2 sorbent for simultaneous removal of chromium (III) and chromium (VI) from binary mixture


Evaluating growth and intrinsic water-use efficiency in hardwood and conifer mixed plantations

Succession of Xeric Calcareous Grassland Toward Thermophilous Oak Forest: The Case of Abava Valley, West Latvia

CO2 refixation is higher in leaves of woody species with high mesophyll and stomatal resistances to CO2 diffusion

Tree species identity and composition shape the epiphytic lichen community of structurally simple boreal forests over vast areas

« Idol with feet of clay »: reliable predictions of forest ecosystem functioning require flawless climate forcings

Does the lag time between radicle and epicotyl emergences in acorns of pedunculate oak (Quercus robur L.) depend on the duration of cold stratification and post-stratification temperatures? Modelling with the sigmoidal growth curves approach

Optimization and Yield of Low Quality and Small Sized Diameter Oak (Quercus robur L.) Logs in Production of Rough Elements

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