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An application of quadrant and octant analysis to the atmospheric surface layer

An investigation for influence of intense thermal convection events on wall turbulence in the near-neutral atmospheric surface layer

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Analytic derivation of Monin-Obukhov similarity function for open atmospheric surface layer

High frequency observation during the sand and dust storms in the Qingtu Lake Observatory

Relationship between Water Surface Area of Qingtu Lake and Ecological Water Delivery: A Case Study in Northwest China

Effects of Ecological Water Conveyance on the Hydrochemistry of a Terminal Lake in an Inland River: A Case Study of Qingtu Lake in the Shiyang River Basin

Assessing the Ecological Effects of Water Transport to a Lake in Arid Regions: A Case Study of Qingtu Lake in Shiyang River Basin, Northwest China

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Qingtu Lake 칭투호

Qingtu Lake 칭투호
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