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Space-Based Photometry of Binary Stars: From Voyager to TESS

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A comparison of the dynamical and model-derived parameters of the pulsating eclipsing binary KIC 9850387

Unveiling short-period binaries in the inner VVV bulge

Extended envelopes around Galactic Cepheids

Amplitude and Frequency Modulation of Super-Nyquist Frequency from Kepler Photometric Sampling

Self-excitation of Leidenfrost drops and consequences on their stability

Overstable convective modes in rotating early-type stars

Eclipsing Systems with Pulsating Components (Types β Cep, δ Sct, γ Dor or Red Giant) in the Era of High-Accuracy Space Data

A fémtartalom szerepe a csillagpulzációban

More than two hundred and fifty thousand spectroscopic binary or variable star candidates discovered by LAMOST

Ensemble asteroseismology of pulsating B-type stars in NGC 6910

Asteroseismology as a new window to statistics of binaries

Discovery of tidally-perturbed pulsations in the eclipsing binary U Gru: a pioneering system for tidal asteroseismology

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Pulsating Stars 맥동하는 별

Pulsating Stars 맥동하는 별
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