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Public Reaction sentence examples within Negative Public Reaction

Public perception of carbon capture (utilization) and storage projects: world experience and the situation in Russia

Environmental, Social and Governance Risk versus Company Performance

Public Reaction sentence examples within Examined Public Reaction

Behavioral and Psychological Outcomes Associated with Skin Cancer Genetic Testing in Albuquerque Primary Care

Virtual Avatars as a tool for audience engagement

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Focus group reactions to an arts-based educational exhibit on menopausal hot flashes.

Focus group reactions to an arts-based educational exhibit on menopausal hot flashes.

Public Reaction sentence examples within Considering Public Reaction

How public reaction to disease information across scales and the impacts of vector control methods influence disease prevalence and control efficacy

Worry and Perceived Risk of COVID-19 Among Government Employees in Ethiopia

Public Reaction sentence examples within Understanding Public Reaction

An on-line survey of the behavioral changes in Lebanon, Jordan and Tunisia during the COVID-19 pandemic related to food shopping, food handling, and hygienic practices

Public reactions to direct-to-consumer genetic health tests: A comparison across the US, UK, Japan and Australia

Public Reaction sentence examples within Adverse Public Reaction

Genetically Modified Crops in India: Politics, Policies, and Political Economy

Police use of force and its video coverage: An experimental study of the impact of media source and content on public perceptions

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Methodological Clarifications and Generalizing From Weibo Data. Comment on “Nature and Diffusion of COVID-19–related Oral Health Information on Chinese Social Media: Analysis of Tweets on Weibo”

Location Based Sentiment Mapping of Topics Detected in Social Media

Public Reaction sentence examples within General Public Reaction

Analysis of public reactions to the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak on Twitter

Territorial Disputes between China and Southeast Asian Countries in the XXI Century as a Source of Domestic Political Benefits for PRC

Public Reaction sentence examples within Understand Public Reaction

Topic detection and sentiment analysis in Twitter content related to COVID-19 from Brazil and the USA

COVID-19 Vaccination Awareness and Aftermath: Public Sentiment Analysis on Twitter Data and Vaccinated Population Prediction in the USA

Public Reaction sentence examples within Massive Public Reaction

Knowledge, attitudes, and preventive practices toward the COVID-19 pandemic: an online survey among Bangladeshi residents

Perception and Anxiety of Indian Population during COVID-19 Pandemic: A Questionnaire-based Survey

TweetCOVID: A System for Analyzing Public Sentiments and Discussions about COVID-19 via Twitter Activities

Who Will Survive and Revive Undergoing the Epidemic

Following the science? Views from scientists on government advisory boards during the COVID-19 pandemic: a qualitative interview study in five European countries

Risk in the digital age: Comedian-activists and Trump’s cancel culture

Meaningful messaging: Sentiment in elite social media communication with the public on the COVID-19 pandemic

Knowledge Co-construction by Citizens and Researchers to Create a SNAPSHOT of the Marine Environment During and After the Covid-19 Lockdown

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Deviance from the ethical standard of reporting child sexual abuse in daily newspapers of Bangladesh

Public Reactions to Noncompliance with Judicial Orders

Did Covid‐19 Kill Trump Politically? The Pandemic and Voting in the 2020 Presidential Election

Flagging Exclusionary Nationalism


What About the Victim? Neglected Dimensions of the Standing to Blame

Anatomy into the battle of supporting or opposing reopening amid the COVID-19 pandemic on Twitter: A temporal and spatial analysis

What Aspects of Illness Influence Public Preferences for Healthcare Priority Setting? A Discrete Choice Experiment in the UK

Population Ageing, Immigration and the Welfare State: The Political Demography in Western Europe

Sustainability in City-Regionalism as Emergent Practice: The Case of the BRICS

Blame it on turnout? Citizens’ participation and polls’ accuracy

Infodemic Signal Detection During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Development of a Methodology for Identifying Potential Information Voids in Online Conversations

An Analysis of the Spanish-Language Landscape and Hispanic Identity in Hazleton, Pennsylvania (USA)

Rape myth acceptance as a relevant psychological construct in a gender-unequal context: The Hungarian adaptation of the updated Illinois rape myths acceptance scale

Analisis Sentimen terhadap Penanggulangan Bencana di Indonesia

Public Reaction on Social Media During COVID-19: A Comparison Between Twitter and Weibo

COVID-19 as an “Infodemic” in Public Health: Critical Role of the Social Media

“Normalizing” Everyday Life in the State of Emergency: Experiences, Well-Being and Coping Strategies of Emerging Adults in Serbia during the First Wave of the COVID-19 Pandemic

“The National Anthem”, Terrorism and Digital Media

One of the Moors Murderers Has Died

Exhibitions, Manifestos, and the Seventieth Anniversary of Refus global

Commemorating and Othering: a Study of Japanese Public Opinion on Prime Minister Abe’s 2013 Yasukuni Pilgrimage

Unpunishable crimes? The Belgian judiciary and violence against collaborators 1944–51

The General on his Journeys. Augusto Pinochet’s International Trips and Diverging Transnational Justice and Memory Agendas in the Aftermath of the Cold War

Culture, causal attributions to visual impairments, and stigma: A mediation model.

Права и свободы человека в контексте процесса цифровизации. Анализ негативных политических эффектов, возникающих при реализации проектов «умных городов»

Breastfeeding selfies as relational practice: becoming a maternal subject in the digital age: a single case study

Do CSR Messages Resonate? Examining Public Reactions to Firms’ CSR Efforts on Social Media

Public perception of early childhood language policy in Ghana: an exploratory study

Moral Panic and Online Prostitution: Study of Social Reactions

Art, Life, and Technology, Through Time and Space

Postures of Piety and Protest: American Civil Religion and the Politics of Kneeling in the NFL

Confucius Institutes: The Successful Stealth “Soft Power” Penetration of American Universities

Fungsi Humas dalam Menjalin Hubungan di Pemerintahan Kota Bukittinggi

Civilian Casualties and Public Support for Military Action: Experimental Evidence

Infectious Disease, Disgust, and Imagining the Other

Modeling Conversation Structure and Temporal Dynamics for Jointly Predicting Rumor Stance and Veracity