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Chaotic-map based authenticated security framework with privacy preservation for remote point-of-care

An Authentic-Based Privacy Preservation Protocol for Smart e-Healthcare Systems in IoT

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Uninterrupted VPN Connection Service with Mobility Management and Dead Peer Detection

Privacy Protection for Telecare Medicine Information Systems with Multiple Servers Using a Biometric-based Authenticated Key Agreement Scheme

Public Networks sentence examples within Acros Public Networks

The legal and policy contexts of ‘revenge porn’ criminalisation: the need for multiple approaches

A Ladder Approach to Criminalising Revenge Pornography

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Securing E-Health Networks by applying Network Slicing and Blockchain Techniques


Multi-Domain Solutions for the Deployment of Private 5G Networks

A Robust Anonymous Remote User Authentication Protocol for IoT Services

Optimal Key Handover Management for Enhancing Security in Mobile Network

Time Sensitive Networking for 5G NR Fronthauls and Massive Iot Traffic

An Integration of Keyless Encryption, Steganography, and Artificial Intelligence for the Secure Transmission of Stego Images

A novel image encryption using random matrix affine cipher and the chaotic maps

5Growth: An End-to-End Service Platform for Automated Deployment and Management of Vertical Services over 5G Networks

A real-time one-time pad DNA-chaos image encryption algorithm based on multiple keys

How to Design a Secure Anonymous Authentication and Key Agreement Protocol for Multi-Server Environments and Prove Its Security

A Metagovernance Model of Innovation Networks in the Health and Social Services Using a Neo-Schumpeterian Framework

Exploring government networks through interorganizational relationships: research strategies based on social network analysis (SNA)

COVID-19 image transmission using convolutional neural networks based algorithms for medical applications

On the Complexity of Anonymous Communication Through Public Networks

Medical Image Encryption Algorithm based on Dynamic DNA Sequencing and 2D-3D Chaotic Equations

Secure mobile cloud computing

The Model of Payload Authentication for HTTP Protocol Family

Different Types of Government and Governance in the Blockchain

FAIDM for Medical Privacy Protection in 5G Telemedicine Systems

Cryptographic technologies and protocol standards for Internet of Things

A Security-UTAUT Framework for Evaluating Key Security Determinants in Smart City Adoption by the Australian City Councils

Machine Learning Technologies in Internet of Vehicles

Virtual machine placement in cloud data centers using a hybrid multi-verse optimization algorithm

The application of multi-server authentication scheme in internet banking transaction environments

Choice of Ethereum Clients for Private Blockchain: Assessment from Proof of Authority Perspective

Selective Image Encryption Based On Chaotic Maps And Elliptic Curve Cryptography

A Cost-Efficient 5G Non-Public Network Architectural Approach: Key Concepts and Enablers, Building Blocks and Potential Use Cases

A Lightweight Key Agreement Protocol with Authentication Capability

Dimensioning access link capacity for time-varying traffic with mixed packet streams and circuit connections

HEAD Metamodel: Hierarchical, Extensible, Advanced, and Dynamic Access Control Metamodel for Dynamic and Heterogeneous Structures

Asymmetric Interference Cancellation for 5G Non-Public Network with Uplink-Downlink Spectrum Sharing

Cybersecurity framework of hybrid watermarking and selective encryption for secure HEVC communication

A Smartcard-Based User-Controlled Single Sign-On for Privacy Preservation in 5G-IoT Telemedicine Systems

Network Performance Measurement through Machine to Machine Communication in TeleRobotics System

Security and Privacy Challenges, Solutions, and Open Issues in Smart Metering: A Review

Encrypted Control for Networked Systems: An Illustrative Introduction and Current Challenges

Desain Sistem Akuisisi Kecepatan Angin pada Menara SST Berbasis IoT

Monitoring of the technical state of communication and navigation equipment used for the inland waterways

A blockchain-based preserving and sharing system for medical data privacy

Remote Monitoring of IoT Sensors and Communication Link Quality in Multisite mMTC Testbed

Optimal Defense Strategy Selection for Spear-Phishing Attack Based on a Multistage Signaling Game

Preparation Method in Automated Test Case Generation using Machine Learning

Ethereum for Secure Authentication of IoT using Pre-Shared Keys (PSKs)

A Systems Engineering Approach To Appraise Cybersecurity Risks Of CNS/ATM and Avionics Systems

Performance Evaluation of the VoIP Networks Using Tunneling Techniques

Securing electronic health system using crystographic technique

Secure and Optimized Real-Time System for Internet of Medical Things Using MATuino and ThingSpeak Analytics

Censo escolar e Sistec: as mais importantes bases de coleta de dados para a EPT

Fog-based local and remote policy enforcement for preserving data privacy in the Internet of Things

A Novel Digital Contents Privacy Scheme Based on Kramer’s Arbitrary Spin

Rough Set Reduction Aided Cost-Efficient Indoor WLAN Localization

Towards the decentralized revolution in energy systems using blockchain technology

Characterizing the Security of the SMS Ecosystem with Public Gateways

Content-Based Audio Classification and Retrieval Using Segmentation, Feature Extraction and Neural Network Approach

Post-Quantum Crystography System for Secure Electronic Voting

The use of 5G Non-Public Networks to support Industry 4.0 scenarios

Influence of Congestion Control Algorithms on Head-of-Line Blocking in MPTCP-based Communication

Opinion Distribution Analysis of Video Media Related to Social Life

Security in Process: Detecting Attacks in Industrial Process Data

Online Privacy in Public Places: How do Location, Terms and Conditions and VPN Influence Disclosure?


A new region based watermarking scheme for medical images

Methodology for Determining the Location of Intermodal Transport Terminals for the Development of Sustainable Transport Systems: A Case Study from Slovakia

Reversible Data Hiding in Audio Based on Discrete Cosine Transform and Location Maps

Use of wireless communication networks in digitalization of factory environments

Examination of Analysis Method of Opinion Distribution in News Media Transferred on Web

An efficient secret key agreement protocol based on random noise without beacons

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Quem são os professores que chegam à aposentadoria? Uma aproximação a partir dos dados da RAIS de professores da Educação Básica no Estado do Paraná

Hybrid Encryption Technique using Cyclic Bit Shift and RC4

Prototype of a Security Model Applied to IoT with Big Data for Tourist Management in the Cities of Ecuador

QnAs with Jeffrey S. Moore

AES-RC4 Encryption Technique to Improve File Security

Cryptographic technologies and protocol standards for Internet of Things

Image Encryption-Then-Compression System for Secure Transmission via Hybrid Henon Chaotic Map


Mandated network formation

Multicast-Based Weight Inference in General Network Topologies

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Public Networks 공용 네트워크

Public Networks 공용 네트워크
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