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Psychosocial Adjustment sentence examples within deceptive behaviors toward

Parenting by lying in childhood is associated with negative developmental outcomes in adulthood.

Parenting by lying

Psychosocial Adjustment sentence examples within Positive Psychosocial Adjustment

Examining the associations between interpersonal emotion regulation and psychosocial adjustment in emerging adulthood

Different Placement Practices for Different Families? Children’s Adjustment in LGH Adoptive Families

Psychosocial Adjustment sentence examples within Overall Psychosocial Adjustment

The Utility of Solution-Oriented Strategies to Support Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

Dark Triad as a Predictor of Adult Relational Aggression

Psychosocial Adjustment sentence examples within Asses Psychosocial Adjustment

Psychosocial adjustment and parental stress in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

Psychometric properties of Tamil version of Body Weight Image and Self Esteem questionnaire (BWISE) in severe mental illness in a South Indian population.

Psychosocial Adjustment sentence examples within Term Psychosocial Adjustment

Executive Function and Psychosocial Adjustment in Adolescent Survivors of Pediatric Brain Tumor

Perioperative Psychological Interventions

Psychosocial Adjustment sentence examples within Poorer Psychosocial Adjustment

‘Living in parallel worlds’ – bereaved parents’ experience of family life when a parent with dependent children is at end of life from cancer: A qualitative study

Coping styles in patients with hypospadias.

Psychosocial Adjustment sentence examples within Child Psychosocial Adjustment

The relationship between parent distress and child quality of life in pediatric cancer: A meta-analysis.

Parenting stress of adoptive mothers, mother-child conflict, and behavior problems during adolescence among international adoptees.

Psychosocial Adjustment sentence examples within Adolescent Psychosocial Adjustment

Concurrent and Longitudinal Relationships between Positive Youth Development Attributes and Adolescent Internet Addiction Symptoms in Chinese Mainland High School Students

Grade Retention at the Transition to Secondary School: Using Propensity Score Matching to Identify Consequences on Psychosocial Adjustment

Psychosocial Adjustment sentence examples within Their Psychosocial Adjustment

Profiles and predictors of resilient functioning in youths with pediatric cancer history

Bullying, peer victimization, and emotional problems in Cypriot adolescents referred to mental health services—a comparison of normative and clinical data

Psychosocial Adjustment sentence examples within Better Psychosocial Adjustment

Self-rated mental and physical health are prospectively associated with psychosocial and academic adjustment to college.

A Comparison of Hobbies and Organized Activities among Low Income Urban Adolescents

Psychosocial Adjustment sentence examples within Healthy Psychosocial Adjustment

Sexual Behavior and Substance Use in Adolescence and Young Adulthood: Non-specific Associations Between a Range of Sexual Behaviors and Alcohol, Nicotine, and Marijuana Use

Risk factors associated with alcohol and drug use among bisexual women: A literature review.

Psychosocial Adjustment sentence examples within psychosocial adjustment among

Risk and Protective Factors for Changes in Adolescent Psychosocial Adjustment During COVID-19.

Happiness and its Relationship to Psychosocial Adjustment among Teenagers in the Protection and Care Houses in Amman

Psychosocial Adjustment sentence examples within psychosocial adjustment problem

Parenting by lying in Turkey: associations with negative psychosocial outcomes and psychopathy in adulthood


Psychosocial Adjustment sentence examples within psychosocial adjustment outcome

Bullying and psychosocial adjustment among children with and without asthma

The relationship between parent distress and child quality of life in pediatric cancer: A meta-analysis.

Gender aspects of working from home in serbia

Religious Problem-Solving Styles and Life Satisfaction: Exploring God, the Will and the Way

Contribution of Peripheral Injuries to the Symptom Experience of Patients with Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

Individual Risk, Country-Level Social Support, and Bullying and Cyberbullying Victimization Among Youths: A Cross-national Study.

Diagnosis of Male Central Hypogonadism During Childhood

Triangulation approach to developing, evaluating, and applying the evolving theory of adolescent acceptance of asthma.

Psychosocial Adjustments after Advanced Laryngeal Cancer Treatment – A Systematic Review

Trust Beliefs in Significant Others, Interpersonal Stress, and Internalizing Psychopathology of Adolescents with Psychiatric Disorders.

Adaptation and Implementation of an Intervention Programme on Spanish Carers and Adolescent Patients With an Eating Disorder: Study Protocol of a Randomized Controlled Trial

A Longitudinal Investigation of Observed Adolescent Text-Based Sexting and Adjustment.

Psychosocial Adjustment Across Aggressor/Victim Subgroups: A Systematic Review and Critical Evaluation of Theory.

Clinics for Migrant and Refugee Children: Psychosocial and Organizational Considerations

The Design of an Evaluation Framework for Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support Programs Delivered Nationally

On Dynamic Contexts and Unstable Categories

A systematic review and qualitative synthesis of the experience of living with colorectal cancer as a chronic illness.

Measurement equivalence testing of the American Identity Questionnaire across Black, Latino, and White adolescents.

An Exploration on the Attachment, Acculturation, and Psychosocial Adjustment of Chinese International Students in Japan

Self-compassion mediates stigma for parents of transition-age youth with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Psychosocial adjustment of U.S. college students in the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bariatric surgery in the Middle East and North Africa: narrative review with focus on culture-specific considerations.

Body image disturbance, psychosocial adjustment and quality of life in adolescents with amputation.

Assessment of illness representations in mental disorders: A mini review.

Emerging Adults’ Self-Efficacy as a Resource for Coping With the COVID-19 Pandemic

The effect of academic performance, individualistic and collectivistic orientation on Chinese youth’s adjustment

Friend Support and Internalizing Symptoms in Early Adolescence During COVID‐19

Transition from Acute Treatment to Survivorship: Exploring the Psychosocial Adjustments of Chinese Parents of Children with Cancer or Hematological Disorders

Pediatric Global Health in Children with Very Early-Onset Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

A prospective investigation of developmental trajectories of psychosocial adjustment in adolescents facing a chronic condition - study protocol of an observational, multi-center study

Family resilience and its association with psychosocial adjustment of children with chronic illness: A latent profile analysis.

Psychosocial adjustment mediates impacts of playmate positive support on body mass index and overweight risk in adolescents.

A qualitative inquiry of acculturation experiences of minoritised youth in Hong Kong

The relations of workplace safety, perceived occupational stress, and adjustment among Latino/a immigrant cattle feedyard workers in the United States

The correlation between stigma and adjustment in patients with a permanent colostomy in the Midlands of China

Effects of social support and self‐efficacy on the psychosocial adjustment of Korean ostomy patients

Psychosocial adjustment to a prostate cancer diagnosis in a cohort of radical prostatectomy patients in Quebec, Canada

Physical and psychological conditions of parental chronic illness, parentification and adolescent psychological adjustment

Posttraumatic stress disorder and emotion dysregulation among Syrian refugee children and adolescents resettled in Lebanon and Jordan.

Me, myself and my song: Evaluating the impact of self-concept-focused therapeutic songwriting in subacute neurorehabilitation

Sources of Social Support and Mental Health Among LGB Youth

The adaptation of the Postpartum-Specific Anxiety Scale into the Turkish language

Understanding differences in the long-term psychosocial adjustment of pediatric cancer patients and their parents: an individual differences resources model.

Survivors of institutional abuse in long-term child care in Scotland.

Family Communication Problems, Psychosocial Adjustment and Cyberbullying

Global Aging With Pride: International Perspectives on LGBT Aging.

Correlation research between stigma, coping style and psychosocial adjustment in young patients with breast cancer

Factors Influencing Psychosocial Adjustment in Hemodialysis Patients

Adolescent and Parent Reports of Aggression and Victimization on Social Media: Associations With Psychosocial Adjustment


11th International Congress on Psychopharmacology & 7th International Symposium on Child and Adolescent Psychopharmacology

Peer acceptance and friendships among primary school pupils: associations with loneliness, self-esteem and school engagement

‘Shopping for a new body’: descriptions of bariatric post-operative adjustment

Effectiveness of a Mindfulness-Based Social–Emotional Learning Program on Psychosocial Adjustment and Neuropsychological Maturity in Kindergarten Children

Health Related Quality of Life Among Patients With Multiple Sclerosis: The Role of Psychosocial Adjustment to Illness

Kidney Donation Withdrawal and Related Factors Among the Potential Donors of Living Kidney Transplant.

Ostomy Adjustment Inventory-23 (OAI-23): Development and Testing of the Italian Version

Instruments for the Assessment of Behavioral and Psychosocial Functioning in Duchenne and Becker Muscular Dystrophy; a Systematic Review of the Literature.

Psychosocial behavior reactions, psychosocial needs, anxiety and depression among patients with rectal cancer before and after colostomy surgery: A longitudinal study.

Sadness in Youth: Socialization, Regulation, and Adjustment

When Meaning Matters: Coping Mediates the Relationship of Religiosity and Illness Appraisal with Well-Being in Older Cancer Patients

Bullying and ostracism in youth with and without ADHD: implications for risk and resilience

Psychosocial Concerns Following Bariatric Surgery: Current Status

Effects of Parenting Styles on Self-Regulated Learning and Academic Stress in Spanish Adolescents

How to facilitate psychosocial adjustment in women tested for hereditary breast or ovarian cancer susceptibility? Insights from network analysis

Daily mood profiles and psychosocial adjustment in youth with newly diagnosed cancer and healthy peers.

Developmental transitions during adulthood and neighborliness: A multilevel cluster analysis.

Felt gender typicality and psychosocial adjustment in Indian early adolescents


Couples Adjusting to Multimorbidity: A Dyadic Study on Disclosure and Adjustment Disorder Symptoms

Patient-reported outcomes in neuromuscular disorders – health-related quality of life and psychosocial adjustment in post-polio syndrome and Duchenne muscular dystrophy

Impact of pre-trauma, trauma-specific, and post-trauma variables on psychosocial adjustment of Syrian refugee school-age children.

Validation of the Arabic and Hebrew versions of the Utrecht-Management of Identity Commitments Scale (U-MICS).

Evaluating societal outcomes of orthognathic surgery: an innovative application of the Social Return on Investment methodology to patients after orthognathic treatment.

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