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Duelo complicado: Una revisión sistemática de la prevalencia, diagnóstico, factores de riesgo y de protección en población adulta de España.

Influence of farewell rituals and psychological vulnerability on grief following perinatal loss in monochorionic twin pregnancy

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Association between Physical Activity, Food Consumption and Depressive Symptoms Among Young Adults in Spain: Findings of a National Survey

Newly Recognized Stuttering in Three Young Children Following the Hojedk Earthquake in Iran.

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COVID-19 quarantine-related psychotic symptoms.

COVID-19 quarantine-related psychotic symptoms☆

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Giving birth during a pandemic: From elation to psychopathology.

Anxiety, Health Self-Perception, and Worry About the Resurgence of COVID-19 Predict Fear Reactions Among Genders in the Cuban Population

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COVID-19 quarantine-related psychotic symptoms.

COVID-19 quarantine-related psychotic symptoms☆

Parental Attachment Style and Young Persons’ Adjustment to Bereavement

Psychological vulnerability and coping among management students during COVID-19 pandemic

The impact of school closure and social isolation on children in vulnerable families during COVID-19: a focus on children’s reactions

Longitudinal observation of anxiety and depression among palliative care cancer patients.

Dynamic monitor on psychological problems of medical aid teams in the context of corona virus disease 2019: a multi-stage and multi-factor quantitative study

Web-mediated counseling to counteract the emotional impact of COVID-19 for women with interstitial cystitis/bladder pain syndrome.

Investigating the role of resilience in psychological vulnerability of Birjand Islamic Azad University employees in the pandemic COVID-19

Association of Childbirth Pain with Postnatal Depressive and Anxiety Disorders in Nulliparous Parturients: A Prospective Study

Effect of physical frailty on elder mistreatment in a national survey: examining psychological vulnerability, housework involvement, and financial independence as mediators.

Integrating needs-supportive delivery into a laboratory-based randomised controlled trial for adolescent girls with overweight and obesity: Theoretical underpinning and 12-week psychological outcomes.

Énkép egyértelműség mérése és korrelátumai

Attachment representations to parents and emotional-behavioral problems: A comparison between children with type 1 diabetes mellitus and healthy children in middle childhood

HIV and COVID-19; impact on vulnerable population and harnessing lessons learnt from HIV programs

WWII traumatic events, subjective well-being and valuation of life in the very old

Parental migration and psychological well-being of children. Longitudinal evidence from Ghana

The Visual ‘Masculinization’ of Moroccan EFL Textbooks: A Social Semiotic Analysis

Sexual habits among Italian transgender adolescents: a cross-sectional study

The Evolution of Life Satisfaction Throughout Childhood and Adolescence: Differences in Young People’s Evaluations According to Age and Gender

Research on the influence of coronavirus infection on maternal and infant health

Perceived stigmatization and fear of negative evaluation: Two distinct pathways to body image dissatisfaction and self-esteem in burn survivors.

The Impacts of Propensity to Worry and Fear of COVID-19 on Mental Health of University Students

Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and coronavirus disease 2019; impact on vulnerable populations and harnessing lessons learnt from HIV programmes

Cohort profile of the longitudinal Netherlands Study of Depression and Anxiety (NESDA) on etiology, course and consequences of depressive and anxiety disorders.

Relación entre ansiedad escolar y perfeccionismo en una muestra de alumnado ecuatoriano


Some good news for psychiatry: resource allocation preferences of the public during the COVID‐19 pandemic

The plight of women in Iraq: Gender disparity, violence, and mental health.

“Oh, My God! My Season Is Over!” COVID-19 and Regulation of the Psychological Response in Spanish High-Performance Athletes

Character strengths and psychological vulnerability: The mediating role of resilience

[Personality profiles of students at risk of dropping out: Resilients, Overcontrollers and Undercontrollers].

The Relationship between Domestic Violence and Maternal- Fetal Attachment

The Impact of Negative Symptoms and Self-Criticism on the Urge to Self-Injure


The Unsociability of Commercial Seafaring: Language Practice and Ideology in Maritime Technocracy

Why are older adults victims of fraud? Current knowledge and prospects regarding older adults’ vulnerability to fraud

Testing a model of subjective well-being: The roles of optimism, psychological vulnerability, and shyness

Improving mental health and physiological stress responses in mothers following traumatic childbirth and in their infants: study protocol for the Swiss TrAumatic biRth Trial (START)

Inner gnawing, outward clawing - the role of existential crises in crime causation

Terrorism and post-traumatic stress disorder: a historical review.

Psychological health of women who have conceived using assisted reproductive technology in Taiwan: findings from a longitudinal study

Predicting Social Adjustment in University Students based on Alexithymia and Psychological Vulnerability

Psychological vulnerability as an integral component of comprehensive vulnerability assessment: Informing policy and practice in disaster risk reduction

Feasibility of a Hybrid Web-Based and In-Person Self-management Intervention Aimed at Preventing Acute to Chronic Pain Transition After Major Lower Extremity Trauma (iPACT-E-Trauma): A Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial.

What Lies Beneath Trait-Anxiety? Testing the Self-Regulatory Executive Function Model of Vulnerability

Physical and Psychological Vulnerability of Adolescents during Pregnancy Period as Well as Post Traumatic Stress and Depression after Child Birth

On the relationship between cognitive ability and field of study

Physical discomfort in early pregnancy and postpartum depressive symptoms

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Psychological Vulnerability 심리적 취약성

Psychological Vulnerability 심리적 취약성
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