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Invenciones frente a lo real del trauma o las voces de las víctimas de la masacre de Bojayá, Chocó

Agents and Objects of Death: Gay Murder, Boyfriend Twins, and Queer of Color Negativity

Considerações sobre o medo na História e na Psicanálise

‘It is Introspective, and I Want to Introspect’: Detection, Isolation, and Neurotypicality in Crime Fiction, c. 1891–1940

Part III: Short Papers from the Course

Ghosted and Ancestral Selves in Hamlet: Loewald’s “Present Life” and Winnicott’s “Potential Space” in Shakespeare’s Play

Science Fiction and Psychology

Bacteria and the market

Shakespeare’s Othello and The Romance of Antar: The Politics of Racism and Self-Fashioning

“But You Have to Do Something”: The Racialized Holding Environment of Julia Cho’s Office Hour

‘I am expected to say something. I know not what’ (Vivanti 1918, 146): silence and working through in rape narratives of the First World War

“I Wanted to Hear Your Judgement”: Waismann, Kafka and Wittgenstein on the Power and Powerlessness of Language

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Psychoanalytic Reading 정신분석적 읽기

Psychoanalytic Reading 정신분석적 읽기
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