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Proximity Sensing sentence examples within Capacitive Proximity Sensing

Skin-Type Proximity Sensor by Using the Change of Electromagnetic Field

Situation-aware intelligent environments

Proximity Sensing sentence examples within Bluetooth Proximity Sensing

An Open Experimental Platform for Ranging, Proximity and Contact Event Tracking using Ultra-Wide-Band and Bluetooth Low-Energy

Novel use of radio frequency identification (RFID) provides a valid measure of indoor stair-based physical activity.

Proximity Sensing sentence examples within proximity sensing unit

Monolithic/Vertical Integration of Piezo-Resistive Tactile Sensor and Inductive Proximity Sensor Using CMOS-MEMS Technology

CMOS-MEMS Tri-Axial Piezo-Resistive Tactile Sensor with Monolithically/Vertically Integrated Inductive Proximity Sensor

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Proximity Sensing sentence examples within proximity sensing performance

Personal Devices for Contact Tracing: Smartphones and Wearables to Fight Covid-19

A stretchable dual-mode sensor array for multifunctional robotic electronic skin

Proximity Sensing sentence examples within proximity sensing system

Improved Capacitive Proximity Detection for Conductive Objects through Target Profile Estimation

A LiDAR based proximity sensing system for the visually impaired spectrum

The Age of Autonomous Internet of Things Devices

An ex vivo Study of Outward Electrical Impedance Tomography (OEIT) for Intravascular Imaging.

Analogue baseband processing for single chip radar proximity sensor

A Multidimensional Analysis of Released COVID-19 Location-Based Mobile Applications

SAR Assessment Using Vector Probe Array System in the Context of RF Exposure Reduction Utilising Proximity Sensors and Time-Averaging Technologies

Accurate Distance Measurement Using Narrowband Systems

Models of Direct Time-of-Flight Sensor Precision That Enable Optimal Design and Dynamic Configuration

Megapixel SPAD arrays for imaging: a versatile tool for quantum experimentalists and consumers alike

Editorial for Special Issue Indoor Navigation in Smart Cities

A Time-of-Flight On-Robot Proximity Sensing System to Achieve Human Detection for Collaborative Robots

A Novel Approach to Propagate MHz EM Signals and Map Reservoir Saturation Hundreds of Meters away from the Wellbore

Tactile sensing for surgical and collaborative robots and robotic grippers

Application of low-cost VL53L0X ToF sensor for robot environment detection

Enabling platform technology for smart fabric design and printing

A Multi-modal Sensor Array for Safe Human-Robot Interaction and Mapping

Dynamic Nonlinearity in Piezoelectric Flexural Ultrasonic Transducers

Capacitive proximity sensing hardware comparison

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Proximity Sensing 근접 감지

Proximity Sensing 근접 감지
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