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Usage of nanocrystalline cellulose phosphate as novel sustained release system for anti-inflammatory drugs

Nano-crystalline cellulose: Preparation, modification and usage as sustained release drug delivery excipient for some non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

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MG53 Protein Protects Aortic Valve Interstitial Cells From Membrane Injury and Fibrocalcific Remodeling

Sustained elevation of MG53 in the bloodstream increases tissue regenerative capacity without compromising metabolic function

CMTM6-Deficient Monocytes in ANCA-Associated Vasculitis Fail to Present the Immune Checkpoint PD-L1

Transcriptional regulation and stress-defensive key genes induced by γ-aminobutyric acid in association with tolerance to water stress in creeping bentgrass

ppGpp influences protein protection, growth and photosynthesis in Phaeodactylum tricornutum

Genome-wide Analysis Identifies Novel Gallstone-susceptibility Loci Including Genes Regulating Gastrointestinal Motility.

Hydrogen Binding Initiated Activation of O-H Bonds on a Nitrogen-Doped Surface for Catalytic Oxidation of Biomass Hydroxyl Compounds.

Chemical-diffusion Metamaterials with “Plug and Switch” Modules for Ion Cloaking, Concentrating and Selection: Design and Experiments

The new kid on the block: A dominant-negative mutation of phototropin1 enhances carotenoid content in tomato fruits.

Genome-wide Analysis Identifies Novel Gallstone-susceptibility Loci Including Genes Regulating Gastrointestinal Motility

Determination of bactericidal and disinfecting action of the “Hyponate-BPO” against the vegetative microflora

Trafficking and Association of Plasmodium falciparum MC-2TM with the Maurer’s Clefts

Versatile Nanodrugs Containing Glutathione and Heme Oxygenase 1 Inhibitors Enable Suppression of Antioxidant Defense System in a Two-Pronged Manner for Enhanced Photodynamic Therapy.

Review of the current state of protein aggregation inhibition from a materials chemistry perspective: special focus on polymeric materials

Opportunities Offered by Plant Bioactive Compounds to Improve Silage Quality, Animal Health and Product Quality for Sustainable Ruminant Production: A Review

Non-cationic RGD-containing protein carrier for tumor-targeted siRNA delivery

Prophylactic potential of cytolethal distending toxin B (CdtB) subunit of typhoid toxin against Typhoid fever

The TRIM protein Mitsugumin 53 enhances survival and therapeutic efficacy of stem cells in murine traumatic brain injury

Are the intrinsically disordered linkers involved in SSB binding to accessory proteins?

Effects of Adjuvants on the Immunogenicity and Efficacy of a Zika Virus Envelope Domain III Subunit Vaccine

Efficient synthesis of amino acid polymers for protein stabilization.

MG53 promotes corneal wound healing and mitigates fibrotic remodeling in rodents

Discussion on the Effectiveness of Elevating HDL-C in Treating Cardiovascular Diseases of Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

sQuiz your knowledge! Sudden outbreak of haemangioma-like skin lesions

Vaccines inducing immunity to Lassa virus glycoprotein and nucleoprotein protect macaques after a single shot

Validation and biochemical characterisation of beneficial argan oil treatment in biomass propagation for industrial active dry yeast production

Mechanisms and Molecular Approaches for Salt Tolerance Enhancement

Evaluation of a Single-Dose Nucleoside-Modified Messenger RNA Vaccine Encoding Hendra Virus-Soluble Glycoprotein Against Lethal Nipah virus Challenge in Syrian Hamsters.

Homeoprotein neuroprotection of embryonic neuronal cells

iTRAQ-based proteomics reveals key role of γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA) in regulating drought tolerance in perennial creeping bentgrass (Agrostis stolonifera).

Metal-Ion-InducedLuminescence Enhancement in Protein Protected GoldClusters

Transcriptomic and physiological analyses reveal drought adaptation strategies in drought-tolerant and -susceptible watermelon genotypes.

Mechanism of allosteric modulation of P-glycoprotein by transport substrates and inhibitors

Homeoprotein Neuroprotection of Embryonic Neuronal Cells

Metal-Ion-Induced Luminescence Enhancement in Protein Protected Gold Clusters

Dependence of ultrafast dynamics in gold–silver alloy nanoclusters on the proportion of the metal content

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