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Promoting youth mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic: A longitudinal study

Promoting youth mental health during COVID-19: A Longitudinal Study spanning pre- and post-pandemic

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Protecting Youth Against the Adverse Effects of Peer Victimization: Why Do Parents Matter?

The role of family and computer-mediated communication in adolescent loneliness

Victimized in many ways: Online and offline bullying/harassment and perceived racial discrimination in diverse racial-ethnic minority adolescents.

Protective parenting behavior buffers the impact of racial discrimination on depression among Black youth.

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Awareness and prevalence of e-cigarette use among Chinese adults: policy implications

Promoting “Zest for Life”: A Systematic Literature Review of Resiliency Factors to Prevent Youth Suicide

Cyberbullying Perpetration: Children and Youth at Risk of Victimization during Covid-19 Lockdown

Sexuality and sexual health of the population with disabilities, with special reference to people with visual impairments

Substance Use Among Urban Youth of Color: Exploring the Role of Community-Based Predictors, Ethnic Identity, and Intrapersonal Psychological Empowerment

E-Cigarettes and Similar Devices

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Correlates of short sleep duration among adolescents.

Nonlinear Strain Effects on Delinquent Behavior and Depressive Symptoms

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See you in court: obstacles to enforcing the ban on electronic cigarette flavours and marketing in Finland

Risk factors for multiple tobacco product use among high school youth.

« Où sont les super-héros français ? Du Comte de Monte-Cristo à Astérix en passant par Mikros & Photonik »

A Public Health Crisis: Electronic Cigarettes, Vape, and JUUL

Exposure to multi-media tobacco marketing and product use among youth: A longitudinal analysis.

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Protect Youth 청소년 보호

Protect Youth 청소년 보호
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