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Optimal storage and loading zones within surface parking facilities for privately owned automated vehicles

Development of Overgeneral Autobiographical Memory in Offspring of Depressed Mothers.

Graphene: An Effective Lubricant for Tribological Applications

Impacts of education and immigration on the size and skills of the future workforce

Measuring the impact of crises in the horticultural sector: the case of Spain

TIMES modeling of the large-scale popularization of electric vehicles under the worldwide prohibition of liquid vehicle sales

Market concentration and profitability: the empirical evidence from Serbian manufacturing industry

Contemporary Challenges of OTC Trading in Digital Assets

Paternal Indifference and neglect in early life and Creativity: Exploring the Moderating Role of TPH1 genotype and Offspring’s Gender

Can an outsider become an insider? Analysing the effect of action research in initial EFL teacher education programs

Expectations of Additive Manufacturing for the Decade 2020–2030

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Prospective Impact 예상 영향

Prospective Impact 예상 영향
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