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Antecedents and consequences of satisfaction among participants in health-affiliated charity sport events

A Comparison between the Psychological Benefits of Giving Money vs. Giving Time

Why public employees manipulate performance data: prosocial impact, job stress, and red tape

Effects of gender and personality on everyday moral decision-making after acute stress exposure

Promoting prosociality in Colombia: Is music more effective than other cultural interventions?

Ambidexterity, prosocial impact, and task performance in cross-functional teams: the role of individual’s team identification

Prosociality as a mediator between teacher collaboration and turnover intention

A systematic narrative review of prosociality in educational leadership

Putting leaders in a bad mood: The affective costs of helping followers with personal problems.

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Prosocial Impact 친사회적 영향

Prosocial Impact 친사회적 영향
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